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Rebecca Loebe Give Up Your Ghosts LP (Vinyl)
& lt;a href=javascript:; & quot; onclick= & quot;document.location.hash='SS'; & quot; & gt; & lt;img src= & quot;/content/images/playbutton.gif & quot; hspace= & quot;10 & quot; align= & quot;left & quot; border= & quot;0 & quot; & gt; & lt;font color= & quot;0000FF & quot; & gt; & lt;b & gt;Click Here for Video Sample! & lt;/b & gt; & lt;/font & gt; & lt;/a & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;font color= & quot;#FF0000 & quot; & gt; & lt;b & gt;Soothing, Honey-Drenched Female Vocals On Vinyl LP! & lt;/b & gt; & lt;/font & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; Insightful songwriter, Kerrville New Folk Winner Rebecca Loebe signs with Blue Corn Music for her 5th album & quot;Give Up Your Ghosts & quot; which features the single & quot;Ghost & quot;. & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; Though she appeared on the Voice in 2011 and was courted by Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera (eventually joining team Adam), Loebe has built her reputation through road-dogging, one show and one fan at a time. It’s resulted in over 50,000 fans on social media; support slots for The Civil Wars, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Gregory Alan Isakov; airplay on over 600 stations for her previous album ‘Blink.’ & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; ‘Give Up Your Ghosts’ marks the fifth album and a high-water mark of storytelling and emotional power for the Austinite. Written all in one sitting, the title track “Ghosts” and album opener “Growing Up” serve as mission statements for Loebe. She remembers, “When I was done, I realized that I was singing to myself, reminding myself that other people have been through anything I’m struggling with in the current moment. They’ve made it to the other side of the mountain, and they’re cheering for me to pull through. Not only that, but I can be that for other people.” The title of the record comes from the chorus – ‘give up all your ghosts, at least the ones you love the most, they’re never holding you as close as you are holding them.’ & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; All of the songs were written in a burst of creativity and Loebe says, & lt;b & gt;“I've written albums full of what I needed to say, but this album is full of songs I need to hear.” & lt;/b & gt;“Growing Up,” co-written with Megan Burtt speaks to rolling with the changes that life throws one’s way, especially for women. & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; The emotionally resonant closer “Popular” lays bare common inner doubts, whether in middle school or in adulthood, and is a song to which people respond strongly in concert. She sings, “No one feels cool, no one feels popular; No one’s a loser though everybody thought they were; Nothing they say has ever really been about you anyway.” & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; Elsewhere on ‘Give Up Your Ghosts,’ the clever “Tattoo” tells the fictional story of the dissolution of a relationship commemorated by a tattoo the protagonist once got for her former lover. The earworm “On Your Mark” tackles gambling addiction, which has afflicted several people in Loebe’s life. Runaway fantasy “Got Away,” shows off her spectacular voice, with the refrain’s melody suiting the wildness of the character in the song. The lovely “Lake Louise” was written with Luke Jackson while they drove from Richmond to Washington, D.C. on tour and Loebe wrote “Everything Changes,” which recalls Fleetwood Mac, while stuck in a blizzard in London, inspired by an article in the business section of the Guardian. & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; Loebe calls producer and multi-instrumentalist Will Robertson her “secret weapon” and the two holed up for two uninterrupted, continuous months in her adopted hometown of Austin and her original hometown of Atlanta to work on ‘Give Up Your Ghosts.’ & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; Of the signing, Blue Corn head Denby Auble says, & lt;b & gt;“The first time I saw Rebecca, I realized that she had remarkable vocal control, her writing was stellar and that she really inhabited the songs she was singing. She connected with the audience in a way that made everyone in the room feel like an old friend.” & lt;/b & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;b & gt;“I love listening to you sing, in a genuine way…” & lt;/b & gt; - Adam Levine & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;b & gt;“She wraps her rich, honeyed voice around a mix of nuanced Americana and pop numbers.” & lt;/b & gt;- The Chicago Tribune & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;b & gt; & quot;Loebe's voice is breathtakingly beautiful, delightful and superb. & quot; & lt;/b & gt; - Huffington Post & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;a name= & quot;SS & quot; & gt; & lt;/a & gt; & lt;iframe width= & quot;560 & quot; height= & quot;315 & quot; src= & quot; & quot; frameborder= & quot;0 & quot; allow= & quot;accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture & quot; allowfullscreen & gt; & lt;/iframe & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;b & gt;Features: & lt;/b & gt; & lt;br & gt; & amp;bull; Vinyl LP & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;b & gt;Selections: & lt;br & gt; Side A: & lt;/b & gt; & lt;br & gt; 1. Growing Up & lt;br & gt; 2. Ghosts & lt;br & gt; 3. Got Away & lt;br & gt; 4. Lake Louise & lt;br & gt; 5. Everything Changes & lt;br & gt; & lt;b & gt;Side B: & lt;/b & gt; & lt;br & gt; 1. Tattoo & lt;br & gt; 2. High School Movie & lt;br & gt; 3. Flying & lt;br & gt; 4. On Your Mark & lt;br & gt; 5. Hush & lt;br & gt; 6. Popular
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Rebecca Loebe Give Up Your Ghosts LP (Vinyl)
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