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Phaz Music LLC P2 HD Over-Ear Headphones With Bass Boosting/Phone Charging Capabilities (Black)
P2 HD Over-Ear Headphones With Bass Boosting/Phone Charging Capabilities An over-ear carbon fiber design headphone with a modern feature set developed for todays consumer battery centric mobile lifestyle. The Phaz P2 is the first headphone to incorporate patented Charge Your Phone While You Listen to Music technology. The P2 incorporates a high capacity lithium Polymer battery and power management chip with proprietary firmware that provides power to the headphones internal discreet HD Audio Amplifier and Bass Boost circuit while also delivering power to the built-in USB charge port. This port allows consumers to charge their smart phone or music player up to 70% while listening to music. The Phaz P2 headphone incorporates a proprietary discreet High Definition Audio Amplifier and bass boost circuit to deliver a seriously improved music listening experience for the mobile lifestyle consumer. Todays consumer no longer has to listen to the lower audio performance delivered by the chip amplifiers incorporated into smart phones and music players. With the P2 High definition audio amplification is built into the headphone along with a switchable 15db bass boost. The Phaz P2 headphones are acoustically tuned by the sound quality experts JJR Acoustics. The P2 offers great comfort features as well. Perforated premium leatherette ear-cushions with memory form padding permit a comfortable breathable super soft over-ear listening experience ideal for extended listening sessions. The adjustable stainless steel hinged headband has been measured and tested to deliver exactly 1lb of head pressure when the ear speakers are 14.5 cm apart-the average width of an adult human head. This is the ideal tension to minimize wear fatigue. Share your music with a friend. The Phaz P2 headphone offers a 3.5 mm amplified Share Port. This port allows you to daisy chain a second headphone to the P2. The connected headphone now sonically benefits from being driven by the discreet HD amplifier and bass boost circuit of the Phaz P2. Phaz's patented technology and feature set makes the Phaz Model P2 the best value headphone available today. Comfort and sound quality that are specifically aimed at the mobile consumer -charging your phone while you listen to music. P2 Highlights: Over-ear style 40mm drivers w/ neodymium magnets Perforated Orange leather memory foam ear pads Carbon Fiber design HD Audio amplifier Active Bass Boost technology Mobile device charging 1200 MAH battery Micro USB internal battery charge port USB Type A external device charge port Music share listening port Passive headphone operation P2 Headphone Notes: Over-ear lightweight CARBON FIBER design Charge your phone up to 70% while you listen to music With Phaz Musics patented charging technology Proprietary Discreet High Definition Audio Amplifier delivers a new benchmark in audio performance from mobile music devices Active switchable 15db Bass Boost delivers the Bass impact you want from your music when you want it Hyper-balanced headphone for extended comfort 40mm Titanium cone neodymium magnet ear speakers deliver awesome music movie and gaming audio performance Active music share port lets others plug into your headphone and listen to your music through your HD audio amplifier
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Phaz Music LLC P2 HD Over-Ear Headphones With Bass Boosting/Phone Charging Capabilities (Black)
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