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X-10 Pro Inline Dimming Fixture Module - Model XPDF
Whether your recessed and out-of-the-way home fixtures give your home stylish environmental lighting, or illuminate important areas and work spaces, you can control these lights with your X10 system and the XPDF X10 Pro Inline Dimmable Receiver Module. Now even ambiance lighting and canned fixtures can respond to the On/Off, All Lights On, Dim, Brighten, and All Units Off commands. This small module receives signals from your X10 system through your existing home wiring, via plug-in controllers and radio frequency wireless X10 remotes, like the HR12A X10 PalmPad Wireless Remote Control Module. Softly and discretely light any room by remote control and set just the mood you're looking for with a controller you can keep in your pocket. Or, shut off all your house lights with a handy PMC01 X10 Pro Plug-in Mini Controller in the bedroom or kitchen, and avoid the hassle of locating every light switch at bedtime. You can save on your energy bills and stubbed toes when switching off lights is this convenient. There's no need to come home and stumble around a dark house with your hands full, in search of a light switch. With the KR19A Wireless Keychain Remote, switch on your house lights before you're even in the door. No more fumbling, just instant lighting when you need it. The X10 system gives you an easy modern means of controlling all your home lights and appliances with modules that function with a variety of motion sensors and timers, like the XTMT4 X10 Pro LCD 64-Event Mini Timer. Give your house the appearance of someone at home when your away with programed lights and appliances.UPC:099081000214SKU:ADIB0041X30XQ
X-10 PRO
X-10 Pro Inline Dimming Fixture Module - Model XPDF
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