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Arnold the Super-Ish Hero - by Heather Tekavec (Hardcover)

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Arnold the Super-Ish Hero - by  Heather Tekavec (Hardcover)
Arnold the Super-Ish Hero - by  Heather Tekavec (Hardcover)
Arnold the Super-Ish Hero - by  Heather Tekavec (Hardcover)
Arnold the Super-Ish Hero - by  Heather Tekavec (Hardcover)
Arnold the Super-Ish Hero - by  Heather Tekavec (Hardcover)
Arnold the Super-Ish Hero - by  Heather Tekavec (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 32
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Sub-Genre: Superheroes
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Age Range: 4-8 Years
Author: Heather Tekavec
Language: English

About the Book

"Arnold answers the phones at Superhero HG, where his whole family use their amazing superpowers to help nab the bad guys. Arnold's powers on the other hand, haven't shown up ... yet. But one day, the phone rings with an urgent request for help and all the superheroes are off superhero-ing, so it's up to Arnold to save the day! There's just one problem: how can he save the day without any superpowers?"--

Book Synopsis

Nice guys finish first in this endearing story about a humble kid in a family of superheroes who discovers his superpower may not be what everyone (even him!) is expecting.Though Arnold works in the family superhero business, he isn't exactly a superhero. Unlike all his relatives, Arnold has no superpower. Everyone expects it will show up any day. Arnold believes that the only thing he's good at is taking phone messages. Then, one day, a call from a girl in distress comes in to superhero headquarters, and no one else is around. Arnold has to respond to the call. Determined to succeed, Arnold helps all kinds of people along the way. And that's before he even finds the caller! He does so many good deeds, in fact, he's identified as a masked man "helping the good guys." Wait, could being nice be a superpower?Award-winning author Heather Tekavec's endearing and funny underdog story is sure to spark a following for a new kind of superhero: Super Nice Guy. Guillaume Perreault's colorful, highly entertaining illustrations in comic book style panels are packed with amusing details that add layers of humor to the text. This delightful book, with its earnest and humble hero, highlights the idea that everyone has a purpose in the world, and it's important to be true to yourself. It makes an excellent choice for character education lessons on kindness and courage.

Review Quotes

... Tekavec's humorous underdog story is endearing, reminding readers of the truism that one can "change the world with a few good deeds."--Publishers Weekly

A sweet and funny picture book about the power of doing good deeds.--Kirkus Reviews, starred review

About the Author

Heather Tekavec discovered while working as a preschool teacher that children's books were a lot more fun than adult books. In addition to books, Heather enjoys writing short stories, articles and poems for children's magazines, such as CRICKET, Chirp, Highlights and Totline, and has delved a few times into writing scripts and directing live theater. Heather lives in Cloverdale, British Columbia.

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