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Awaken Your Inner Goddess - by Dara Goldberg (Paperback)

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Awaken Your Inner Goddess - by  Dara Goldberg (Paperback)
Awaken Your Inner Goddess - by  Dara Goldberg (Paperback)
Awaken Your Inner Goddess - by  Dara Goldberg (Paperback)
Awaken Your Inner Goddess - by  Dara Goldberg (Paperback)
Awaken Your Inner Goddess - by  Dara Goldberg (Paperback)
Awaken Your Inner Goddess - by  Dara Goldberg (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 192
Genre: Body + Mind + Spirit
Sub-Genre: Goddess Worship
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Age Range: Adult
Author: Dara Goldberg
Language: English

Book Synopsis

Step into your power―self-reflection and emotional healing for the goddess within

Rediscover your inner goddess, embrace your divine energy, and begin a journey of healing. This guide is packed with exercises and tools from both spiritual wisdom and evidence-based psychology. You'll find emotional healing treatments and self-realization techniques to strengthen your inner light.

Connect with your inner self, identify your divine gifts, and find strength through insightful exercises. Create realistic, achievable goals and learn how to embrace self-care and self-love on the journey to your most authentic state of being.

With this spiritual book, you'll uncover:

  • Spiritual customs―Draw on goddess wisdom from spiritual traditions across time and space from Greek mythology, Ancient Egyptian deities, the Chinese zodiac, and more.
  • Supportive practices―Explore a variety of constructive exercises written by a clinical psychologist that will help you put concepts into action.
  • Journaling prompts―Writing exercises will help you reflect and expand on your self-discovery as you go.

Nurture your divinity, heal emotionally, and find your path with Awaken Your Inner Goddess.

Review Quotes

"Dr. Dara Goldberg has crafted a journey for us and asks that we join her on the path of spiritual growth through self-care and self-awareness. Thought-provoking and soul searching, this book provides a personalized approach to exploring our contemporary lives as women while connecting every step of the way to our goddess ancestors who remain ever-present with us. Whether it is Athena's strength, Sarasvati's wisdom, Tara's compassion, or the love and flow of Oshun, Dr. Goldberg invites us to claim our inner goddess as we traverse the many opportunities and challenges of our lives. This book is an essential, rich resource--it will serve as a life guide for all the years to come." --Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, Author of Natural Woman: Herbal Remedies for Radiant Health at Every Age and Stage of Life

"This book invites you on a goddess-inspired journey of self-realization and self-love. Dr. Goldberg guides the journey compassionately and open-heartedly through the topics of mindset, empowerment, finding your gifts, and setting goals. She offers an abundance of enjoyable techniques for awakening your true nature. Savor each page. Step into your power, claim your wings, and bring your goddess qualities to the world!" --Anna Rivett, Dream Teacher and Inner Wisdom Guide

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