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Chess for Beginners - by Mikhail Antonov (Hardcover)

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Chess for Beginners - by  Mikhail Antonov (Hardcover)
Chess for Beginners - by  Mikhail Antonov (Hardcover)
Chess for Beginners - by  Mikhail Antonov (Hardcover)
Chess for Beginners - by  Mikhail Antonov (Hardcover)
Chess for Beginners - by  Mikhail Antonov (Hardcover)
Chess for Beginners - by  Mikhail Antonov (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 94
Genre: Games
Sub-Genre: Chess
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Mikhail Antonov
Age Range: Adult
Author: Mikhail Antonov
Language: English

Book Synopsis

NEW EDITION from March 2021!

♟♟Do you want to enhance your game in playing chess significantly, but you have started to play recently? Your friends can play chess very well, and you would like to beat them, but you don't know how? Are you an absolute novice but you can't wait to improve your chess skills? In this case, the 2021 edition of "Chess for Beginners" is what you need! ♟♟

There is no doubt that chess is an exciting game that is played for many centuries. Chess is one of those demanding games requiring a considerable amount of strategy, tactics, and patience. For you to learn the play and the game to the highest standards could take a lifetime. However, that does not suggest you cannot understand the moves easily and become a good player who could win most of the chess games; you need only someone who explains to you the right tips and strategies!

After my great success for thanking my fantastic readers I revised the old book-version and created this 2021 edition! Thanks to this comprehensive book of chess for newbies and novices, you will be able to learn the best strategies about this thrilling game!

The best part here? Even if you have never played chess before, learning the game has never been simpler. Before long, with the right strategies contained in this book and practicing a lot by competing with other good players, you will master the game well!

If you are a novice, "Chess for Beginners" has not to be missing in your collection, as you will learn in it:

Why Chess Game is so exciting!

Why it is so important to have a Strategy to face the Enemy!

How each Piece moves!

7+ Awesome Strategies for Opening the Game!

The best Strategies for Protect Yourself or Attack in the Middle Game!

7+ Strategies For your Endgame!

FANTASTIC BONUS! Curiosities and 13+ Strong Defense Techniques!

... And so much more!

Even if chess may seem to you a complex and challenging game, with detailed and step-by-step guide of "Chess for Beginners" as your alley, you can rest assured to become the best player you've ever thought!

What are you waiting for? Scroll up and click "BUY NOW" to be able to Checkmate Your Friends!♞♚