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Ghost in the Wires - by Kevin Mitnick (Paperback)

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Ghost in the Wires - by  Kevin Mitnick (Paperback)
Ghost in the Wires - by  Kevin Mitnick (Paperback)
Ghost in the Wires - by  Kevin Mitnick (Paperback)
Ghost in the Wires - by  Kevin Mitnick (Paperback)
Ghost in the Wires - by  Kevin Mitnick (Paperback)
Ghost in the Wires - by  Kevin Mitnick (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 412
Genre: Biography + Autobiography
Sub-Genre: Criminals & Outlaws
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Back Bay Books
Age Range: Adult
Author: Kevin Mitnick
Language: English

About the Book

Mitnick bypassed security systems and blazed into major organizations like Motorola and Sun Microsystems. This portrait shows how his creativity and skill brought permanent changes in the way companies protect their most sensitive information.

Book Synopsis

In this intriguing, insightful and extremely educational novel, the world's most famous hacker teaches you easy cloaking and counter-measures for citizens and consumers in the age of Big Brother and Big Data (Frank W. Abagnale).

Kevin Mitnick was the most elusive computer break-in artist in history. He accessed computers and networks at the world's biggest companies -- and no matter how fast the authorities were, Mitnick was faster, sprinting through phone switches, computer systems, and cellular networks. As the FBI's net finally began to tighten, Mitnick went on the run, engaging in an increasingly sophisticated game of hide-and-seek that escalated through false identities, a host of cities, and plenty of close shaves, to an ultimate showdown with the Feds, who would stop at nothing to bring him down.

Ghost in the Wires is a thrilling true story of intrigue, suspense, and unbelievable escapes -- and a portrait of a visionary who forced the authorities to rethink the way they pursued him, and forced companies to rethink the way they protect their most sensitive information.

Mitnick manages to make breaking computer code sound as action-packed as robbing a bank. -- NPR

Review Quotes

Ghost in the Wires reads like a contemporary ├╝ber-geeky thriller.... For those interested in computer history, Ghost in the Wires is a nostalgia trip to the quaint old days before hacking (and hackers) turned so malicious and financially motivated.--J.D. Biersdorfer, New York Times Book Review

A gripping story.... Fascinating and filled with insights.--Jesse Singal, Boston Globe

Intriguing, insightful and extremely educational into the mind of one who truly mastered the art of social engineering with the use of a computer and modern day technologies. I strongly believe that one can learn a great deal about protecting themselves once they understand how another one perpetrates the crime.--Frank W. Abagnale, author of Catch Me if You Can

It's the piquant human element that really animates this rollicking memoir of high-tech skullduggery....Mitnick's hacking narratives are lucid to neophytes and catnip to people who love code, but the book's heart is his 'social engineering' - his preternatural ability to schmooze and manipulate.....[a] nonstop caper.--Publishers Weekly

Mr. Mitnick portrays himself as worth rooting for, a savvy master rodent in a cat-and-mouse game, grinning past his whiskers as he stole the cheese from under the nose of the helpless fat cats.--Steven Levy, Wall Street Journal

Reads like those of Frank Abagnale Jr. and Steven Jay Russell. But Mitnick's has a high-tech twist.--Booklist (starred review)

Years ago, I helped put Kevin Mitnick in jail. I now see this made about as much sense as arresting Dean Martin for public drunkenness. Neither of them could stop themselves. Neither was doing any real harm. And, in both cases, watching them struggle with their obsessions was hugely entertaining. Kevin's book is certainly that. Terse and snappy, it reads like Raymond Chandler and provides detailed insight into a time in computer history that already seems quaint. Kevin Mitnick was and is a true Internet pioneer.--John Perry Barlow, cofounder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Praise for Ghost in the Wires


About the Author

Kevin Mitnick has been the subject of countless profiles published and broadcast throughout the world. Mitnick's leading penetration-testing team is highly respected and sought after for its security services by the world's top corporations and governments. The company he founded, Mitnick Security Consulting LLC, has clients that include dozens from the Fortune 500 and many nations across the globe. Mitnick is the bestselling author of The Art of Invisibility, Ghost in the Wires, The Art of Intrusion, and The Art of Deception. He lives in Las Vegas and travels the world as the top keynote speaker on cybersecurity.

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