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In Repair - by Sarah Lynn (Paperback)

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In Repair - by  Sarah Lynn (Paperback)
In Repair - by  Sarah Lynn (Paperback)
In Repair - by  Sarah Lynn (Paperback)
In Repair - by  Sarah Lynn (Paperback)
In Repair - by  Sarah Lynn (Paperback)
In Repair - by  Sarah Lynn (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 180
Genre: Poetry
Sub-Genre: Women Authors
Format: Paperback
Publisher: In Repair Publishing
Age Range: Adult
Author: Sarah Lynn
Language: English

Book Synopsis

This collection of poetry is separated into three parts taking Sarah Lynn from Existing to Living. Each volume works through the author's various struggles, thoughts, and victories while sharing her deep, meaningful emotions. This book is about growth, about blooming into a human fully capable of experiencing all of what life brings.

Sarah Lynn has a poetry disorder. She used to have a rather strange personality disorder but through therapy and a strong affection for her cat, she's been able to create this reflective and provocative collection. Her acknowledgement of the power of the printed word has driven her to capture and paint scenes of emotional landscapes that are very familiar places for many young women. Sarah has documented her journey in a courageous and honest style that beckons you to take a breath and read on! It is said that great poetry is able to unlock the door. Sarah's poetry knocks on the door, works the key in the lock, and turns on the light.

Dave Crowe

Review Quotes

I have known Sarah Lynn her entire life; I have watched her

journey from the happy carefree child she started as to the

confused, depressed, anxious and troubled teen.

I've watched Sarah go from the "light" to the "dark"

and then work her way back to the "light".

Her repair journey was tougher than you'd ever want to see

anyone go through,

least of all someone you love dearly.

As you read Sarah's amazing baring of her soul you will see her

transition back from the "dark." Her intention, apart from her

own recovery, of sharing her thoughts and emotions

is to help others that are struggling.

While sometimes the words are dark they are meant to share how

bad and destructive one's mind can be with the ultimate

intention to show that everyone's feelings are real

to them and in these sort of illness, normal.

Most importantly though it is meant to show that

there is light at the end of

the tunnel if you are prepared to work hard and to tell the reader

that there is help out there for those that are suffering.

The dark times are familiar, in which there is comfort, and the

light is new and scary, but as Sarah writes it is worth the battle,

just reach out and ask for help, it's out there waiting for you.

If Sarah's sharing and baring of her soul will help even one other

person, then part of her mission will be accomplished.

Sarah hopes to continue her journey while helping others be

successful on theirs, and I have every confidence

she will succeed at that as well.

Thankfully Sarah is brave and courageous,

she has learned to re-design

her emotions and her visions and to love who she is.

I shall forever be so very proud of Sarah and admire the

determination and success she has achieved on her journey.

Anne Carswell Taylor

Overcoming mental illness, trauma, or heartbreak

isn't a straight path.

It has turns and detours, oftentimes taking you

right back to where you started.

That is exactly what Sarah achieves in "In Repair."

True, unbridled emotion pours off of every page.

She doesn't flinch away from the dark and ugly bits

that accompany suffering .

In Repair shows readers that, for many of us, finding our way

back to ourselves and our happiness (as ever-fleeting as it may be)

is an ongoing battle.

Sarah's poems lay bare the truth that some days

our demons consume us and

other days the light shines through clearer than before.

But in the end, no matter how hard it was and will continue to be,

that battle is worth it.

Rachel Wehniainen

Sarah Lynn has put her heart, mind, and soul into this

devastatingly original anthology.

Her words will take you on an emotional roller coaster

as she reveals her own

transformation from troubled teen to vulnerable, sage adult.

Lisa Martin,

Best-selling author of Briefcase Moms

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