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The Happy Empath - by Christine Rose Elle (Paperback)

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The Happy Empath - by  Christine Rose Elle (Paperback)
The Happy Empath - by  Christine Rose Elle (Paperback)
The Happy Empath - by  Christine Rose Elle (Paperback)
The Happy Empath - by  Christine Rose Elle (Paperback)
The Happy Empath - by  Christine Rose Elle (Paperback)
The Happy Empath - by  Christine Rose Elle (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 152
Genre: Self Improvement
Sub-Genre: Personal Growth
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: Self-Esteem
Author: Christine Rose Elle
Language: English

Book Synopsis

Lift the weight of emotions, soothe your sensitive nature, harness your empathic gift

You know how it feels: You're in a meeting, or on the bus, and realize you're picking up the emotional state of the person next to you. Life as an empath can feel overwhelming, but The Happy Empath gives you tools to help you navigate charged emotional territory--and stay even-keeled even in stormy moments.

High sensitivity can be a valuable gift, and this guide will help you harness and strengthen your skills as an empath while reducing stress and distraction. From the office to home and even online, you'll learn to protect yourself in 19 different everyday environments--and deepen your relationships with those you encounter.

The Happy Empath includes:

  • What color are you?--Take the "Rainbow Quiz" to identify your type of empath, then follow the color-coded tips for working with your specific strengths.
  • Empath tools--Get ideas for handling delicate situations: stuck between two friends arguing, sitting with a chatty stranger on an airplane, and more.
  • Journal your progress--Handy blank pages make it easy to record your sensory reactions, thoughts, and observations to help track your development.

Travel through your life as an empath smoothly with the practical techniques in The Happy Empath.

Review Quotes

Christine Rose Elle has written a beautiful book about how to be an empath--and still be happy! This is an empowering book that I wish I'd had when I was young. Pulling other people's emotions into yourself is confusing and can make you feel like you're losing it. The Happy Empath can show you how to manage your boundaries, navigate other people's feelings, and keep your feelings separate from everything else in your environment.--Melissa Cynova of, author of Tarot Elements: Five Readings To Reset Your Life

The cover says it all--The Happy Empath truly is a survival guide for sensitive people. Christine Rose Elle provides invaluable tools, but perhaps even more than that, she provides validation. As empaths, we go through life not quite understanding why we feel so much. She breaks this experience down in an incredibly approachable, gentle way. I need to read this book over and over, scribble in the margins, journal, absorb it all until it becomes muscle memory that helps me to survive what can often feel like an overwhelming world. I cannot thank her enough for writing this book!--Eden Bradley, NY Times & USA bestselling author and sex educator

Empaths and highly sensitive people, rejoice! Christine Rose Elle has created a blueprint for how to not only survive the intensity of living in the world today--but how to thrive. Reading The Happy Empath is like sitting down for a long talk with a good friend who truly understands you and sees the gifts you can offer by simply being your beautifully sensitive self. This book speaks to, and champions, the empath in us all.--Jessica Graham, Author of Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out

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