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What College Trustees Need to Know - by Norman Smith (Hardcover)

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What College Trustees Need to Know - by  Norman Smith (Hardcover)
What College Trustees Need to Know - by  Norman Smith (Hardcover)
What College Trustees Need to Know - by  Norman Smith (Hardcover)
What College Trustees Need to Know - by  Norman Smith (Hardcover)
What College Trustees Need to Know - by  Norman Smith (Hardcover)
What College Trustees Need to Know - by  Norman Smith (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 302
Genre: Education
Sub-Genre: Higher
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: IUniverse
Age Range: Adult
Author: Norman Smith
Language: English

Book Synopsis

WHAT COLLEGE TRUSTEES NEED TO KNOW is written for the tens of thousands of college and university trustees who oversee the over 1,700 independent institutions in America. Written by three veteran higher education leaders, the book aspires to give these trustees the fundamental knowledge they need to understand the essential vital signs of their respective institutions and thereby be in the position to ask the right questions of management that help the institution avoid fiscal potholes while concurrently contributing to helping the institution move forward...and even flourish. These are very challenging times for tuition-dependent colleges which 95% or more of all independent institutions finally are. Like never before, Trustees are confronted with having to re-examine traditions and be open to changes that respond to today's economic and cultural changes.

"This book is a great guide that gives college trustees a collection of important questions to be asking, presented in a very readable format. It will be tremendously helpful to me going forward" Robert Morris, Chair, Board of Trustees, Elmira College, New York.

"If there is anyone who knows about proper trusteeship, and has the track record to prove it, that person is George Matthews." Dr. John A. Curry, Chancellor, Northeastern University, Boston

"This terrific book is a must-read for all college trustees; a great piece of work that is long overdue. Read it and you will learn. Use it and you will help your college succeed. Bravo!" Dr. Russel R. Taylor, Founder of the Taylor Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, College of New Rochelle & Trustee Emeritus, Richmond University London, England.

"Here is an important read for all college trustees and presidents. Too many fine colleges are unnecessarily pointed toward fiscal extinction. Written with candor and practical optimism, the authors rightly call on colleges to rethink traditions and reinvigorate themselves in order to secure the viable and relevant future that is theirs to seize...or otherwise lose." Dr. Ralph A. Toran, Past Chair, Mount Ida College Board of Trustees, Massachusetts.

This book is a publication of the CES/Registry for College and University Presidents

About the Author

George J. Matthews is Chairman Emeritus of Northeastern University Board of Trustees where from 1989 to 1999, he helped Northeastern evolve from a regional institution to a widely-acclaimed national university. Today, Matthews is the founding Chairman of Collegiate Enterprise Solutions and the Chancellor of the venerable Registry for College and University Presidents, comprising over 420 highly successful veteran CEO's Provost, Deans and other senior executives who provide interim leadership for higher education institutions seeking outside expertise when senior level vacancies occur. Matthews is also co-founder of the Club of Madrid, located in Madrid, Spain, and dedicated to fostering democracy worldwide. Ninety former presidents and prime ministers from countries throughout the world, form its membership.

Norman R. Smith is President Emeritus of Wagner College in New York, where during his 14 year tenure, the College evolved from bottom tier ranking and near bankruptcy, to capacity enrollment, continuous fiscal stability, record fund raising, and top tier ranking. Smith went on to be President of Richmond The American International University in London, England and then Founding Chancellor and architect of what was to become the largest American international university in the world, on the Egyptian Mediterranean shore west of Alexandria. That project was cancelled following the Egyptian revolution. Earlier in his career, he was Assistant Dean of two Harvard University graduate schools: Education and then the inaugural John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Bryan E. Carlson is the President of the Registry for College and University Presidents and the founding President of Collegiate Enterprise Solutions (CES). From 1976 to 1999, he was President of Mount Ida College in Massachusetts, where he led the College through an extraordinary era of consistent growth, transformation, and financial success. Over the past decade, he has overseen the Registry's evolution into having become the preeminent interim executive leadership firm in the nation. Carlson is also the former President and CEO of the New England Exchange for Executive Leadership (NEXEL), and was the founding President of the College Bound Selection Service.

CES/Registry for College and University Presidents has for twenty years been providing colleges and universities, both in the US and internationally, with interim presidents and senior officers during periods of institutional transition. Registry members comprise a collection of veteran higher education leaders who all comprise the highest standards of executive and career achievement. More information about the Registry is available at their website

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