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Telmax PROIPEX Teleprompter for Apple iPad/iPad 2/iPad 3, 12' Reading Range
The Telmax PROIPEx is based off the design of all new Galaxy Series Extreme Teleprompter line, using highly successful two sled mounting system. The mirror has a slight trapezoidal shape that increases the ability to view the scrolling text from an angle. The Telmax PROIPEx as readable up to 12feet which makes it perfect for close up and talking head shots. Setup is simple and quick making this little teleprompter perfect for you if you need to be able to get in, set-up, shoot and get out. There are no monitor cables or power cords connected to the teleprompter to string out before you can start the shoot. Unlike a LCD style teleprompter, the Telmax Pro-iP Mini does not come with a monitor or software. It is designed to work with your iPad or iPad 2. The PROIPEx uses a special iPad Mount that is designed for both the iPad and iPad 2. The iPad slips into two corner pockets and then is snapped in to a socket where it will not move until you manually take it out. The unique proprietary camera mount system allows you to quickly mount any size camera to the teleprompter. There is a large 4" circular hole in the back of the teleprompter mirror housing for the lens of the camera. Most professional camcorder, DSLR camera and consumer camera lens will fit into the mirror housing without a problem. The tripod mount will allow the teleprompter to be placed on the top of almost any tripod or tripod camera head.
Telmax PROIPEX Teleprompter for Apple iPad/iPad 2/iPad 3, 12' Reading Range
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