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Rumba Baby Rumba
The major-label debut of salseros Bio Ritmo finds the band convincingly splitting the difference between the sound s classic requirements and ear-catching pop moves aimed at listeners new to the style. Heated straightforward workouts such as Yo Soy la Rumba stand next to pulsating English-language tracks like Call Me Up (644-7215) that sound ready for modern-rock radio stations desperately in need of pepping up. Rumba Baby Rumba! also offers revved-up versions of Tequila and Mozart s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (here titled Night Music ), a few romantic chill-outs, and plenty of sharp arrangement ideas (the fake Brit accents on the chorus of What I Want to Say ) to keep the streamlined proceedings moving. An infectious album that s lots of fun, novel, but no novelty. --Rickey WrightUPC:731455854824SKU:ADIB000008UT8
Rumba Baby Rumba
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