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Dog Feeder by Fluffy Paws Auto Dog Food Smart Tri-Feeder - Green (Dimension 14" x 6")
Dimensions (Overall): 16.0 inches (L), 6.8 inches (H) x 13.7 inches (W)Weight: 1.58 poundsCapacity (Volume): 16 ouncesIntended Pet Type: DogMaterial: Plastic & bull; AMAZING MULTI-FEEDER: Make meal time much easier and enjoyable for you and your dogs! No more mess from individually feeding your multiple dogs with different bowls. This tri-feeder will work wonders for dog and owner. Simultaneously have all 3 of your dogs eating from different channels with the same contraption. Help prevent competitive eating and aggressive behavior during feeding time & bull; MICROBEFENCE GERM-REPELLENT TECHNOLOGY: microbeFENCE plastic is a germ-repellent technology that stops bacteria from staying and growing on the surface, making it possible to wash away bacteria with just plain water. Anti-bacterial plastics use biocides which can encourage the growth of super-bacteria. Negate the risk of you getting sick by repelling harmful bacteria away from the material and wash away harmful germs. & bull; SMART EATING: A limited eating surface area restricts the amount food your dog can eat in one bite. Reduce the chance of your dog choking from eating too fast and the problem of indigestion. Let your dogs live a healthier and happier lifestyle & bull; CENTRAL DISTRIBUTOR: Load the feeder through the central distributor and each feeding channel will receive even distribution. The slopped design will release food gradually to each bowl for your dogs to enjoy. The center will also indicate the food level left in the feeder & bull; SMART DESIGN: The truly unique and beautiful design will complement any environment. Lightweight material makes it easy to carry around, great for your friend’s house or even for vacation. Non-slip pads at the base of the feeder ensures it does not move around during feeding time. Smart packaging makes this the perfect gift for all pet loversPackage Includes Tri-Feeder with microbeFENCE Technology x 1 Item Description Tri-Feeder with microbeFENCE Technology Do you have multiple dogs/cats? Is feeding time a hassle? Switch to the Fluffy Paws Tri-Feeder to make dinner time a breeze Preparing food for your pets can be a real mess sometimes, but with the Tri-Feeder you can feed up to 3 dogs/cats at one time with no mess and problems Stop your dogs/cats from fighting over food and prevent aggressive behavior during feeding time Keep your dogs/cats calm and under your control The feeder is made from state of the art microbeFENCE Technology Plastic which is superior to your standard anti-bacterial plastic microbeFENCE is a germ-repellent technology that is biocide-free, process-friendly and safe-to-use Standard anti-bacteria technology plastics use biocides which can encourage the development of super-bacteria. However, microbeFENCE uses germ-repellent technology, so you can easily wash bacteria away from the surface with just water. This stops bacteria from staying, growing and developing on our products Using microbeFENCE technology plastic we are able to negate the risk of super bacteria developing microbeFENCE is a patented technology that has won multiple awards including the Gold Medal in International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva Certified by multiple companies and laboratories Stop bacteria from building up and keep the feeder completely clean 100% non-toxic material makes it completely safe for your pet to use FDA food grade plastic and BPA free Our eating area is purposefully designed with a smaller eating area to prevent your dog from eating too quickly Stop potential choking and have your dog eat in a slower and more suitable manner Slower eating averts the problem of indigestion and bloating, leading to a healthier lifestyle for your dog Load the feeder through the center channel distributor and the three feeding sections will receive equal amounts of food Sloped design will gradually release food down into each of the bowls The central distributor will indicate the food level in the feeder Beautiful design will look fantastic in any environment Lightweight and east to carry makes it great for anywhere. Take to your friend’s house or on your travels Non-slip pads located at the base of the feeder will hold it still while your dogs/cats are eating Smart packaging makes this a great gift for all pet lovers Dimensions: 14” x 6”; 7.5” dia. Central Distributor Color: Green & White Product names are trademark of listed manufacturer or other owners, and are not trademarks of eForCity Corp. The manufacturer does not necessarily endorse use of these products.
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Dog Feeder by Fluffy Paws Auto Dog Food Smart Tri-Feeder - Green (Dimension 14" x 6")
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