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Fungi-Nail Anti-Fungal Solution and Brush - 1 fl oz
Suggested Age: 2 Years and UpCapacity (Volume): 1 OuncesProduct Form: LiquidPrimary Active Ingredient: Undecylenic Acid & bull; Pinpoint applicator delivers moisturizing, skin-penetrating solution. & bull; Fungi-Nail's clinically proven antifungal ingredient kills fungus and stops it from spreading. & bull; Maximum strength formula stops skin fungus around the nails plus cures most athlete's foot. & bull; Moisturizing solution restores skin.This travel size antifungal solution eliminates foot fungus with a maximum strength formula that keeps skin moisturized. The cartneared pen applicator delivers the fungus treatment on and around the toes mess-free. Protect the skin around your toes & feet! Kill fungus under & around the nails where accessible with applicator. This antifungal fungus solution with triple action formula kills fungus, stops itching & burning, & restores skin. #1 PHARMACIST RECOMMENDED: Simple, easy to use, and mess-free, the Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot antifungal solution kills fungus, soothes itchiness, and repairs skin with a maximum strength anti foot fungus formula that is deeply penetrating. We supply strong and penetrating ointment, liquid and pen applicator antifungal foot fungus solutions that relieves itching & kills fungal infections right when you need it. If you need a fungus medication containing a maximum strength formula for uncomfortable burning and itchiness, try us if you've tried Kerasal, Fungi Cure, ProClearz, Fungix, Dr. Remedy, Lamisil, Zeasorb, Silka, and daniPro.
Fungi Nail
Fungi-Nail Anti-Fungal Solution and Brush - 1 fl oz
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