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JamHub Tracker MT16
Dimensions (Overall): 11.45 inches (L), 3.55 inches (H) x 7.65 inches (W) x 11.45 inches (D)Weight: 2.2 poundsWarranty: No Applicable Warranty. To obtain a copy of the manufacturer's or supplier's warranty for this item prior to purchasing the item, & bull; Record up to 16 channels simultaneously & bull; WiFi enabled & bull; 16 GB SD card + USB & ethernet port & bull; 2496 audio in .WAV or .MP3 & bull; Connect CableBreakout Cable portThe stage has its own life, its own energy. No two shows are ever alike, and that's part of the fun. What if had the power to easily capture all that magic and bring it to everyone who couldn't be there? What if could record performances, and mix it self afterward to get exactly the sound want out of the recording? The Tracker MT16 makes it possible. Take pride in live recordings - Go beyond the microphone taped to the wall with JamHub's Tracker MT16 multitrack recorder. This portable recorder lets connect directly to almost any mixer or JamHub studio for 16 channel multitrack recordings that feature each musician on their own track, without affecting the house sound at all. Record incredible audio, up to 24/96, in WAV or MP3, so all files drop seamlessly into favorite DAW for post-production. And starting in June 2014, 'll be able to use the Tracker MT16's built in WiFi to start and stop recordings from any iOS device with the free Tracker MT16 Control app. Share the spirit - We make music to share with the world. Tracker MT16 makes getting a great product easier than ever by letting record everything in multitrack and mix it self after the show. Record. Mix. Publish. By taking the audio from the mixer and setting all the levels self, get live recordings that audience will love and listen to over and over. Record show tonight, have it up on the web tomorrow. Never worry about the quality of recordings again. The Tracker MT16 gives the freedom to take pride in everything do, whether its capturing live audio for the web, CDs, video, or podcasts. Record From A Mixer - With the Tracker MT16 Breakout cable (sold separately) can seamlessly connect recorder to the insert jacks of any mixer to record multitrack files of all live gigs without the hassle of traditional gear. With a streamlined JamHub Connect jack on one end, and 16 specially designed ¼³ jacks on the other, the Breakout cable plugs directly into the mixer's insert jacks to record clean post-trim, pre-fader audio that is unaffected by the room or the house mix. Record From A JamHub Studio - Connect directly to any JamHub studio using the JamHub Connect cable (included). The Connect cable plugs Tracker MT16 directly into the remote port on the back of any JamHub studio, and allows to record each stereo section as its own independent file for convenient post-production. This simple option turns JamHub studio into a powerful 5 or 7 section recording and monitoring platform. Record Everything Else - On the sides of Tracker MT16, 'll find 8 built-in inputs, which are convenient for connecting any mixer or line-level output to record high quality multitrack files. can even plug line-level instruments directly in or use a simple preamp with mics, then just arm the tracks and record without any complicated gear! Uploading - Tracker MT16 saves everything to a standard SD card, making it easy to take files with and get them into computer, but the fun doesn't stop there. Using the integrated USB port, can record directly to an external hard drive or computer without ever having to worry about buffering or running out of storage space.
JamHub Tracker MT16
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