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John Lee Hooker Black Night Is Falling - Live At The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club LP (Vinyl)
& lt;font color= & quot;#FF0000 & quot; & gt; & lt;b & gt;John Lee Hooker Recorded Live In 1977 On Vinyl LP! & lt;br & gt; Features & quot;Boom Boom & quot; & amp; & quot;One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer & quot;! & lt;/b & gt; & lt;/font & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; After the first song, John Lee Hooker says & quot;I want to tell you one thing. This is the best blues club in town & quot;, and from its opening in 1975, and for more than a decade later, The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club brought the best blues, jazz, Cajun, and salsa players from around the world to Montreal. & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; The Club's owner, Doudou Boicel, recorded most of the artists who performed at the famed spot, and though a fire destroyed the historic club in 1990, many of the recordings survived and have been digitally remastered and released by Montreal's Just A Memory Records, a division of Justin Time Records. In an interview with Bugs Burnett for Hour Community, Jim West at Justin Time Records said, & quot;They're historical recordings. It's like finding a treasure vault. And the atmosphere was great at Doudou's club. He was friends with all of these people. Over the years we've had offers for recordings made at other clubs – including some in New York – but they just don't have the same meaning for us. The Rising Sun was a special place. & quot; & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; This set by blues legend John Lee Hooker was recorded in 1977 at the Rising Sun. Known to music fans around the world as the & quot;King of the Boogie, & quot; John Lee Hooker endures as one of the true superstars of the blues genre: the ultimate beholder of cool. His work is widely recognized for its impact on modern music – his simple, yet deeply effective songs transcend borders and languages around the globe. & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;b & gt; & quot;Recorded at the Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club in Montreal, Quebec, on May 5, 1977, Black Night Is Falling finds John Lee Hooker in fine voice and backed by a driving band composed of John Garcia on guitar, Steve Jones on bass, and Larry 'Wild Man' Martin on drums, with the end result being an excellent example of Hooker at his best. Highlights include impressive romps through Hooker's signature tunes, 'Boom Boom,' which simply blazes with raw energy here, and 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,' which is delivered as a wonderfully paced barroom cautionary tale. This is what the live Hooker sounded like with a sympathetic band behind him, a band that luckily wasn't afraid to push him a little. & quot; & lt;/b & gt; - Steve Leggett, & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;b & gt;Features: & lt;/b & gt; & lt;br & gt; • Vinyl LP & lt;br & gt; • Recorded at The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club, Montreal, May 5, 1977 & lt;br & gt; • Made in Canada & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;b & gt;Musicians: & lt;/b & gt; & lt;br & gt; John Lee Hooker, vocal, guitar & lt;br & gt; John Garcia, guitar & lt;br & gt; Steve Jones, bass & lt;br & gt; Larry & quot;Wild Man & quot; Martin, drums & lt;br & gt; & lt;br & gt; & lt;b & gt;Selections: & lt;br & gt; Side A: & lt;/b & gt; & lt;br & gt; 1. Chicken And Gravy & lt;br & gt; 2. Serves Me Right To Suffer & lt;br & gt; 3. Boom Boom & lt;br & gt; & lt;b & gt;Side B: & lt;/b & gt; & lt;br & gt; 1. Black Night Is Falling & lt;br & gt; 2. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer & lt;br & gt; 3. One Room Country Shack
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John Lee Hooker Black Night Is Falling - Live At The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club LP (Vinyl)
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