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KNOWHEN Fertility and Ovulation Test Kit
Package Quantity: 1Results Timing: Up to 15 MinutesTest Substance: SalivaResults Indication: Yes / No / MaybeFeatures: ReusableBattery: 2 AA Silver Oxide, Required, Included & bull; KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test Kit identifies 5 most fertile days & bull; Test is based on a woman's estrogen level and more accurate than strips & bull; KNOWHEN® test uses saliva and not messy urine strips & bull; It is clinically tested and 98.9% accurate & bull; It is discrete, convenient, reusable and less expensive than strips & bull; KNOWHEN® is FDA registered and includes FREE Fertility Monitoring App to track fertility & bull; Results in minutesKNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test Kit is a USA clinically tested, reuseable, saliva-based ovulation test, which includes a FREE Personalized Fertility Monitoring App that tracks your unique ovulation cycle based on your actual test results. KNOWHEN® assists women in identifying their fertile cycle naturally and cost effectively. Reusable for 12 months or more. To test fertility, place a drop of saliva on mini-ovulation™ 60 X magnification microscope lens first thing in the morning, before brushing teeth, eating or drinking. Let it dry (within minutes) and view results inn eyepiece. The test is easy to clean with no mess. Includes a high quality mirofiber for wiping, a lipstick-like carrying case, Fertility Tester Diary card with the APP# to register personal APP with instructions in English & Spanish.
KNOWHEN Fertility and Ovulation Test Kit
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