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Monocular Biological Microscope 40x-400x European Style
This microscope is of metal construction and built to last. Magnify objects from 40 to 400 times with three objectives - 4x, 10x, and 40x, and a widefield 10x eyepiece. The stage measures 90mm x 90mm with two spring clips to retain the slides. This microscope is a perfect solution for schools and families looking to introduce the concepts of microscopy to young students without the expense of a more advanced instrument. This microscope stands 292mm high. The base measures 152mm x 114mm. Specifications: Monocular head included at 45 degrees, 10X zoom wide focus eyepiece, objective lens at 4X, 10X, and 40X. Plain 90mm x 90mm stage with clips, single lens condenser with Disc diaphragm, coarse adjustment focusing. Powered by 220V/20W Incandescent lamp. Requires available standard electrical outlet.
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Monocular Biological Microscope 40x-400x European Style
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