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corp + anam: seasons 1 & 2
IN GAELIC WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Set in contemporary Ireland, Corp + Anam chronicles the difficult professional and intense personal life of TV crime correspondent Cathal Mac Iarnin (Diarmuid de Faoite), who prides himself on pursuing the story behind the story. But as single-minded as he is about uncovering the truth, he is often too busy chasing headlines to notice that the world of crime strikes closer to home every day. In eight hard-hitting episodes that explore the many ills of contemporary society, Mac Iarnin pursues cases of health service neglect, internet pedophilia, teenage recklessness and police corruption. This gritty, critically-acclaimed Irish language thriller also stars Maria Doyle Kennedy (Orphan Black).UPC NO:815047019171 SKU:ADIB01N9PWI4V
corp + anam: seasons 1 & 2
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