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Alcon Naphcon-A Eye Allergy Relief Eye Drops - 0.5oz
Suggested Age: 18 Years and UpCapacity (Volume): .5 OuncesProduct Form: DropsPackage Quantity: 1Contact Lens Type: Not Recommended for Contacts & bull;Uses naphazoline hydrochloride to prevent puffiness and congestion in eyes & bull;Contains pheniramine maleate, an effective anticholinergic that prevents itching & bull;Provides fast relief for symptoms of hay fever and other allergic reactions & bull;Naphcon-A is a decongestant and antihistamine combination & bull;The decongestant constricts (narrows) the blood vessels, which reduces eye rednessAlcon Naphcon-A allergy relief eye drops are a hugely beneficial treatment for a range of allergic reactions that cause redness and puffiness in the eyes. These allergy eye drops help reduce itching and watering caused by pollen, pet hair and other airborne irritants. The convenient 0.5-ounce eye drops bottle fits in easily in your purse or pocket, so you never need be caught by allergic flare-ups while out and about. Alcon Naphcon-A Allergy Relief Eye Drops are sterile and clinically proven. The eye drops formerly prescribed by doctors now available without a prescription. Combines an antihistamine and a redness reliever for the temporary relief of itchy, red eyes.
Alcon Naphcon-A Eye Allergy Relief Eye Drops - 0.5oz
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