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Never Have I Ever Card Game
Suggested Age: 17 Years and UpType of Game: Party GamesPlaying Time: 30 Minutes or MoreIncludes: Instructions, CardsNumber of Players: 4 or More PlayersPackage type: Full GameMaterial: PaperBattery: No Battery Used & bull; Hours a fun and laughs for family and friends - a great gift for anyone with a sense of humor & bull; Definitely not for the faint of heart. Things might get! & bull; Includes 550 professionally printed, premium Cards (485 Blue cards and 65 Red cards) & bull; Includes game rules (or make up your own) and shrink-wrapped in a custom boxEvery game of Never Have I Ever presents a chance to relive life's funny, embarrassing and awkward moments with your friends and family members. Still feeling weird about that time you called someone the wrong name during sex? How about when you got arrested for public urination? Well, don't worry, all your poor life decision-making has finally paid off. We've thought of hundreds of things you may or may not want to admit, and added rules to spice things up.Game OverviewEveryone gets 10 Play Cards to start and takes a turn reading a Red Rule Card. During each round players have a chance to admit whether they're 'guilty' or 'not guilty' of a Play Card. If you're guilty, you have to keep the card. If you're not guilty, you have to discard it. The first person to collect 10 Play Cards wins (or losses depending on how you look at life).To PlayEach round, a new person will pick a Red Rule Card from the pile, read the directions aloud, and place it face up on the table. Then, all the players (including the player that drew the rule card) does what the card says. For example: One rule card is called "Awkward Moment," which reads: "Everyone passes a play card to you. Once you have everyone's play card, you must answer them all. If you are guilty of the play card, you have to keep it. If you are not guilty of the play card, you discard it."Here Are Some Play Card ExamplesNever Have I Ever Dated My Sibling's Ex. Never Have I Ever Done Something Illegal With A Family Member. Never Have I Ever Shown Up To Thanksgiving High. Never Have I Ever Rocked A Muffin Top.Game ContentsIncludes 550 Cards (485 Play Cards and 65 Rule Cards with 10 Variations) + instructions.
Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever Card Game
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