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PageFlip Butterfly Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal
The PageFlip Butterfly is a wireless Bluetooth pedal designed to meet the needs of musicians who struggle with the challenge and inconvenience of page turning. By simply tapping the dual pedal of the PageFlip Butterfly, sheet music (e. g., PDF files, text) can now be flipped or scrolled in either the forward or reverse directions for convenient hands-free reading on iPad/Android tablets and Windows/Mac computers. The PageFlip Butterfly emulates a standard keyboard and works with any software that uses keyboard strokes to navigate through digital files. For added versatility, the user may select among three modes for the dual pedals: PageUp/PageDown, Up/Down arrow, and Left/Right arrow. Changing modes is as simple as pressing a button. The PageFlip Butterfly works with iPads under select keyboard-compatible apps such as forScore, unrealBook, OnSong, Deepdish GigBook, and Planning Center Online. Compatible Android apps include MobileSheets, MusicNotes, Moon+ Reader, and EBookDroid. The pedal is powered by two AA batteries. No recharging is necessary since the batteries last about a year. A triple flash warning indicates when it is time to replace the batteries. The Butterfly is the successor to our classic Cicada pedal. The Butterfly is superior to the Cicada since it features heftier and more rugged construction, a longer 30-minute timeout period, and a silent pedal mechanism similar to the premium PageFlip Firefly. Once you try the Bluetooth pedal you will be amazed by the convenience of hands-free page turning. UPC: 753182221489 SKU: ADIB01LIROF7W
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PageFlip Butterfly Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal
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