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the method pilates target zones uppermidlower body
Experience the best and most proven deep muscle toning in three 25 minute workouts. Abdominal Centering: Focused breathing exercises combined with yoga moves for stretching and toning in t he central body region. Lower Body Grounding: Using a toning bar(or broomstick) these strengthening exercises concentrate on proper posture and body alignment. Balanced Lengthening: In this segment, utilizing ballet type stretches will help to lengthen and tone the body.UPC NO:071083562662 SKU:ADIB00008XS1F
Parade Video
the method  pilates target zones uppermidlower body
minna optimizer balanced blend
Through a combination of traditional strength training and progressive flexibility-enhancing choreography, Minna: Optimizer, Balanced Blend delivers a comprehensive fitness regimen with variety. This DVD format is divided into two workouts (approximately 45 minutes each) that concentrate on building and elongating lean muscle by using aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The first session, Fat Eliminator, centers around six four-minute circuits that join together cardiovascular and strength work. Plyometric jumps and kicks are spliced between squats, reverse lunges, and pushups to create a cross-training effect. Little instruction is provided on proper knee to ankle alignment on lunges and squats, so be sure to watch your form. A 15-minute bonus training set that works the upper and lower body with light hand weights closes this session. The second workout, Strength and Grace, offers a great counterbalance to the circuits performed in the first workout. Fundamental movements from Pilates, yoga, and modern dance are united here with classic plies, calf raises, and squats. Overall, the legs and upper body are challenged while breathing, balance, and muscle pliability are brought into focus. Optimizer is approachable for all levels, and the length of the workout can be adjusted. The music is good, with great tribal beats and choreography sure to get the heart rate going. --Olivia VoigtsUPC NO:071083554667 SKU:ADIB00005MNHA
Parade Video
minna optimizer  balanced blend
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