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ok cowboy
Vitalic's debut album, 'Ok Cowboy' blends innovation with emotion and power with poise. On it you'll discover symphonic rave, champagne rock 'n' roll, blissful space-disco, robotic opera and curdled Gallic folk. It starts off fantastically with 'Polkamatic' reminding very much of prime mid-seventies Kraftwerk with naive analogue synths. The next track 'Poney Part 1' is pure dance floor functionalism with sweeping filters, hard jacking kicks and Vitalic's cracked processed voice jutting through the mix. On 'My Friend Dario' Vitalic deploys faked riffing rock guitars along side a programmed rock n' roll back beat. Different. 2005.UPC NO:541335659452 SKU:ADIB0007Q6PW4
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ok cowboy
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