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Proov 1 Cycle Supply PdG Test Kit - 5ct
Package Quantity: 5Results Timing: 5 MinutesTest Substance: UrineResults Indication: Color Indicator LineBattery: No Battery Used & bull;The first and only FDA Cleared Test to Confirm Ovulation at Home. & bull;Proov measures PdG, a urine metabolite of progesterone. & bull;Tracking PdG after predicted ovulation can confirm that successful ovulation has occurred! & bull;Successful ovulation is key to getting pregnant. & bull;Pair Proov with your favorite ovulation test for the full ovulation picture. & bull;Until now, confirming ovulation required a trip to the doctor for a blood draw or relied on temperature tracking which can be inaccurate. & bull;Proov is non-invasive and allows for tracking over 4 key days to help provide a more complete picture of successful ovulation. & bull;All kits come with 5 tests – enough for 1 cycle of tracking – a cute pee cup, and one-on-one support.Proov is the first and only FDA-cleared at home test to confirm ovulation! Proov works by measuring a progesterone metabolite called PdG in urine. Problems with ovulation can make it hard to get pregnant. Confirming healthy ovulation is an important piece of information when trying to conceive. Proov is the perfect wing-woman to your favorite ovulation and pregnancy tests. Ovulation tests tell you when to “try”, but fall short of confirming that successful ovulation has occurred. This is where Proov can help. With Proov, there’s no more wondering or two-week waiting. Proov will help move you along on your fertility journey, regardless of results. The power to confirm successful ovulation is now in your hands! And knowledge is power.
Proov 1 Cycle Supply PdG Test Kit - 5ct
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