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SmartGuard 2 ea Night Guard
Suggested Age: 18 Years and UpPackage Quantity: 2Material: Plastic & bull; The Patented "Front Tooth" design of SmartGuardĀ® prevents any contact on the back teeth, which helps the jaw muscles to relax and reduces clenching. & bull; Designed using advanced technology dentists have used for decades for the relief of Bruxism. & bull; One size fits all & bull;Two (2) Guards Included! & bull;100% Satisfaction Guaranteed & bull;1 Year "No Grind-Through" Guarantee & bull; Comfortable fit & bull; Easy to mold & bull; Protects against both Clenching and Grinding & bull;Contents: & bull; 2 Dental Protectors & bull; 1 Storage Case & bull; Easy to follow molding instructionsGet Relief From Grinding AND Clenching Teeth. Designed by a TMJ Dentist for Protection & Comfort. Dental Protector For Nighttime Teeth Grinding and Clenching (Bruxism)
SmartGuard 2 ea Night Guard
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