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Nick Hakim & Roy Nathanson Small Things LP (Vinyl)
& lt;header & gt; & lt;p & gt;Coming January 21, 2022 pre-order your copy today! Orders with both pre-order and in stock items will have all in stock items shipped immediately! & lt;/p & gt; & lt;/header & gt; & lt;header & gt; & lt;p & gt; & lt;strong & gt;Amazing New Collaborative Album On Vinyl LP! & lt;/strong & gt; & lt;/p & gt; & lt;/header & gt; & lt;p & gt;Nick Hakim and Roy Nathanson announce their collaborative album, Small Things. Executive-produced by Isaiah Barr of Onyx Collective, the album sees two artists who are staples in the Onyx Collective universe join forces. The creative process behind the record was an organic one: Hakim read some of Nathanson's poetry, which in turn inspired several chords that became the foundation of Small Things. Nathanson puts it best: & quot;It seems we were lucky. Looks like we got ourselves on the moon the old fashioned way. & quot; & lt;/p & gt; & lt;p & gt;Speaking on how the collaboration came to be, Nathanson says: & quot;Over these last few years I'd been a guest in projects with my wonderful former student (and person) and the great young band, Onyx Collective that he co-founded with the wonderful drummer (and person) Austin Williamson. So anyway, I met Nick doing one of these concerts. Nick sang one of my poems at the gig and afterwards said he wanted to come by my house and sing some of my other poems. & lt;/p & gt; & lt;p & gt; & quot;Then, long story shortish, Nick finally came by my house in Flatbush and we went down to my fusty old basement and I handed him some poems from my new book. And just like that, Nick just stood behind my old fender Rhodes played the chords for 'Moonman' and 'New Guy to Look At' and I played along and that was that. Of course we spent the next almost year working out the arrangements re-recording and doing the work that you do but that was really that. & quot; & lt;/p & gt; & lt;section id= & quot;features & quot; & gt; & lt;h3 & gt;Features & lt;/h3 & gt; & lt;ul & gt; & lt;li & gt;Vinyl LP & lt;/li & gt; & lt;!--More features go here in & lt;li & gt; tags-- & gt; & lt;/ul & gt; & lt;/section & gt; & lt;section id= & quot;selections & quot; & gt; & lt;h3 & gt;Selections & lt;/h3 & gt; & lt;ol & gt; & lt;li & gt;Small Things & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;Things To Like and Not Like in America & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;Moonman & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;Cry & amp; Party & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;New Guy To Look At & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;All The Things You Are (Reimagined) & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;Small Things 2 & lt;/li & gt; & lt;/ol & gt; & lt;/section & gt;
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Nick Hakim & Roy Nathanson Small Things LP (Vinyl)
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