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A Tale of Two Kings - by Gloria Furman (Hardcover)

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A Tale of Two Kings - by  Gloria Furman (Hardcover)
A Tale of Two Kings - by  Gloria Furman (Hardcover)
A Tale of Two Kings - by  Gloria Furman (Hardcover)
A Tale of Two Kings - by  Gloria Furman (Hardcover)
A Tale of Two Kings - by  Gloria Furman (Hardcover)
A Tale of Two Kings - by  Gloria Furman (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 32
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
Sub-Genre: Religious
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Harvest Kids
Age Range: 4-8 Years
Book theme: Christian, General
Author: Gloria Furman
Language: English

About the Book

"Teach children the whole story of redemption through the connections and parallels between Adam, the first man, and Jesus, the last Adam"--

Book Synopsis

Will the Real King Please Stand Up?

From the very beginning, the Bible tells a story of redemption. God made the first man to rule as king over all He created, only to see Adam's reign end before it had barely begun. God knew all this and that's why He sent the One True King, Jesus, to dwell with us and reclaim what Adam had lost, saving mankind from the penalty of sin.

Bestselling author Gloria Furman makes this concept come alive for kids in this colorful and creative book comparing Adam, the archetype, with Christ, "the last Adam." Children will learn that while Adam's sin sentenced all of us to death, Jesus's crucifixion and glorious resurrection restored the promise of eternal life for all those who believe in Him.

Kids will be reassured that because Jesus is still on the throne, they can trust him whenever they feel sad or scared. There's nothing that Christ their King can't do for them!

Review Quotes

"As parents, we're always searching for resources that will help us tell the ancient story in words and pictures that our children will understand and enjoy. That's why I'm so happy to recommend this beautiful picture book about the King we love, who has given everything for us."
--Elyse Fitzpatrick, author of Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus

"I'm wholly convinced that it is never too early to teach our children the rich truths of the gospel revealed in Scripture. With clarity and charm, Gloria Furman masterfully retells the gospel story from Adam to Jesus in a way that will engage young hearts and leave them asking for more. I know this book will be making its way to my family's bedtime reading list before too long!"
--Jonathan D. Holmes, executive director, Fieldstone Counseling

"Second Timothy 3:14-15 informs us that the task of educating children--beyond the goal of achieving technical, social, and moral development--is to make them wise enough to place their faith in Christ. From the divine standpoint, that task is exclusively the work of the Holy Spirit through the truth of God's Word. But from a human standpoint, it requires accessible, engaging, and stimulating tools that open children's eyes to the wonder of the person and work of Jesus. That is exactly what this clearly written and vividly illustrated book by Gloria Furman achieves. Your children find it rewarding, and you may be shocked that it furthers your education as well."
--Femi Osunnuyi, lead pastor, City Church, Lagos, Nigeria

"Seeking to capture the sweeping scale of God's saving plan for mankind in a truthful, personal, understandable way seems like a challenging goal for a children's picture book. It would take someone who could tell our story--creation, sin, salvation--with a Bible teacher's faithfulness, a pastor's insight, a shepherd's love, and a mother's heart. And Gloria has done it! Beautifully illustrated and carefully told, A Tale of Two Kings: God's Story of Redemption will take you and the children in your life into the greatest, grandest, truest tale of them all."
--Colin Buchanan, singer/songwriter

About the Author

Gloria Furman is the author of several popular books, including Missional Motherhood, Glimpses of Grace, and Alive in Him. Gloria lives in the Middle East where her husband, Dave, is the pastor of Redeemer Church of Dubai.

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