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Addiction in the Family - by Louise Stanger (Paperback)

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Addiction in the Family - by  Louise Stanger (Paperback)
Addiction in the Family - by  Louise Stanger (Paperback)
Addiction in the Family - by  Louise Stanger (Paperback)
Addiction in the Family - by  Louise Stanger (Paperback)
Addiction in the Family - by  Louise Stanger (Paperback)
Addiction in the Family - by  Louise Stanger (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 180
Genre: Family + Relationships
Sub-Genre: Abuse
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: General
Author: Louise Stanger
Language: English

Book Synopsis

A practical and supportive guide for families struggling with addiction

Get compassionate guidance that shows you how to navigate the unique challenges faced when a family member is suffering from a substance use disorder (SUD). Addiction in the Family helps you better understand what your loved one is going through while also offering realistic advice for approaching their addiction and how it affects your entire family.

Drawing on Dr. Louise Stanger's years of experience as an SUD and family trauma clinician, Addiction in the Family allows you to take things at your own pace and concentrate on the areas where you need the most help. Whether it's finding ways to help your loved one, concentrating on your own self-care, or starting the healing and recovery journey, you'll find practical and thoughtful guidance.

Addiction in the Family is:

  • Family-focused-Get advice that addresses the dynamics and challenges of dealing with a partner, child, or other family member who is suffering from SUD.
  • Practical and hopeful-Learn how to set boundaries, deal with strong emotions, and find addiction treatment options, as well as the best ways to communicate with a loved one compassionately and honestly.
  • Filled with real-life examples-Realize that you aren't alone thanks to composite anecdotes-drawn from Dr. Louise's practice-that help you contextualize your experiences.

Addiction in the Family will help you discover a measured and considerate way to approach a family member suffering from SUD.

Review Quotes

"Louise Stanger speaks from the heart, offering relevant and compassionate support for families faced with substance use disorders. Sharing stories that will resonate with families struggling with the reality of their loved ones' addictions, Dr. Stanger offers evidence-based practices in an accessible and non-threatening manner. Her decades of experience, both personally and professionally, will inform and empower families to initiate necessary conversations toward recovery." --Caren L. Sax, Ed.D., CRC, Professor and Chair in Department of Administration, Rehabilitation, & Postsecondary Education, San Diego State University

"Your road to recovery starts with Addiction in the Family. Louise has dedicated her entire life to helping people with addiction. Her deep knowledge of substance use disorders, addiction, and mental illness guides you through the pages of the book. I found the section on 12 Common Myths About Addition to be eye-opening and extremely supportive. This book is accessible, easy to digest, and provides top-notch tips and strategies for recovery." --Joel A. Garfinkle, Author of Executive Presence and Getting Ahead

"Dr. Stanger offers families a window of possibilities and hope when it comes to managing systemic addiction. She succinctly and expertly weaves a road map for loved ones to gain the education and tools to finally move from surviving to thriving. It is a mandatory read for every one of our clients." --Dr. Sheila Shilati, Chief Operating Officer, Seasons Recovery Centers, LLC

"Dr. Louise Stanger writes from a warm, loving, and wounded heart, understanding more deeply than most the perilous journey of healing for the family struggling with addiction. I highly recommend this work for the wisdom and experience of healing the family." --Judy T. Crane, LMHC, CAP, ICADC, CSAT, CEO and Cofounder of The Guest House Ocala, Author of The Trauma Heart

"Dr. Louise and I have been colleagues for many years and have written articles and shared the podium together. A consummate professional, she is an expert in addiction and families. Written from both a professional and personal perspective this is a must-read for behavioral health practitioners who work in the field and the families they serve." --James Flowers, PhD, LPC-S, Founder and CEO of JFlowers Health Institute

"With words of wisdom, clinical insight, and an easy to read format, Dr. Louise Stanger offers a wonderful tool for families facing the many sides of addiction. This is a must-have for families trying to understand their role and their hearts when a loved one is addicted." --Michael Hinkley, PhD, LMSW, LADC, STL, Executive Director & Owner of Wildwood Farm

"Addiction in the Family is an important contribution to families and others who are concerned about a loved one. It will provide some hope and guidance for difficult situations, particularly relevant during challenging times." --Judith L. Landau, MD, DPM, LMFT, ARISE(R) President & CEO

"This is a great book for admissions staff and interventionists to give to families to help them understand what to expect when they are trying to get a loved one into treatment. Louise has a straightforward and honest approach, which is informed by years of experience and intuitive insight. Presented in plain language and using sound psychological principles, every chapter guides families through 'What should I say' and 'What should I do.' I highly recommend this book. It is an extraordinary resource for counselors and families alike." --Gaetano Vaccaro, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Coordinator, Blue Tiger Recovery, Inc.

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