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Butterflies for Kids - (Junior Scientists) by Lauren Davidson (Paperback)

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Butterflies for Kids - (Junior Scientists) by  Lauren Davidson (Paperback)
Butterflies for Kids - (Junior Scientists) by  Lauren Davidson (Paperback)
Butterflies for Kids - (Junior Scientists) by  Lauren Davidson (Paperback)
Butterflies for Kids - (Junior Scientists) by  Lauren Davidson (Paperback)
Butterflies for Kids - (Junior Scientists) by  Lauren Davidson (Paperback)
Butterflies for Kids - (Junior Scientists) by  Lauren Davidson (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 82
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
Sub-Genre: Animals
Series Title: Junior Scientists
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Age Range: 9-12 Years
Book theme: Butterflies, Moths & Caterpillars
Author: Lauren Davidson
Language: English

Book Synopsis

Explore the wonderful world of butterflies with the Junior Scientist series for kids ages 6 to 9

Have you ever wondered how chubby caterpillars transform into beautiful, graceful butterflies? Or why some butterflies have bright, colorful wings while others look plain? Butterflies for Kids answers all your questions with fascinating facts, photos, and illustrations. Learn about the butterfly life cycle, their unusual behaviors, and impressive migrations. You'll even find tips for attracting butterflies to your backyard and using a kit to raise your own!

This standout among butterfly books for kids includes:

  • The complete life cycle--Discover how caterpillars grow, what happens inside a chrysalis, how butterflies find mates, and how they stay safe out in the wild.
  • Backyard butterfly profiles--Learn all about 32 different butterflies commonly found in North America, including monarchs, swallowtails, painted ladies, and more.
  • Stats and facts--Explore where and when you can spot different butterflies, what they like to eat, and other fun facts that make each species unique.

Take a journey through the lives of butterflies with Butterflies for Kids!

Review Quotes

"Butterflies for Kids is full of beautiful photography and illustrations. Lauren goes beyond the basics but has still crafted a resource that is user-friendly for even the newest entomologist. I am pretty well-versed in the butterfly life cycle, but I have learned several new things from this book! Lauren brings her years of experience in entomology and children's programming to Butterflies for Kids. It is a must-read for anyone with a curious mind!" --Nicole Temple, Vice President of Education, Houston Museum of Natural Science

"When I was a child, books like Butterflies for Kids showed me how to start exploring the world of butterflies right in my own backyard, and likely yours, too! Lauren's playful and scientific portrayal of butterflies covers everything from metamorphosis to mud-puddling and is sure to inspire young junior scientists to explore the world of Lepidoptera." --Timothy Wong, Biologist at California Academy of Sciences

"Butterflies for Kids is an incredible look at the amazing butterfly species that can be found when children are exploring in their own backyards. It is very refreshing to see a children's book that portrays the incredible world of insects in a scientifically accurate manner while still captivating the young reader. Lauren Davidson is a true ambassador for the entomology education industry!" --Kurtis Herperger, Gardens Manager at Victoria Butterfly Gardens and Director of International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers

"This is a must-have for every nature-loving kid! More than just the basics, this colorful guide covers butterfly biology, taxonomy, and ecology. It will help young readers better understand the important role that butterflies play in our ecosystem." --Adrienne Brewster, Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Curator, Entomologist, and Mom

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