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Glimpses of Heaven - by Roela Victoria Rivera (Paperback)

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Glimpses of Heaven - by  Roela Victoria Rivera (Paperback)
Glimpses of Heaven - by  Roela Victoria Rivera (Paperback)
Glimpses of Heaven - by  Roela Victoria Rivera (Paperback)
Glimpses of Heaven - by  Roela Victoria Rivera (Paperback)
Glimpses of Heaven - by  Roela Victoria Rivera (Paperback)
Glimpses of Heaven - by  Roela Victoria Rivera (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 242
Genre: Religion + Beliefs
Sub-Genre: Inspirational
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Gracenotes Creative Ministry
Age Range: Adult
Author: Roela Victoria Rivera
Language: English

About the Book

This inspirational devotional book features: -120 inspiring devotions, prayers and poetry including a poem, "The Art of Living" with Editors' Choice Award by International Library of Poetry; -20 water color paintings in Oriental free style done by Roela before and after she became legally blind; -GraceNotes Creative Ministry

Book Synopsis

Gimpses of Heaven: God's Gifs of Grace in Daily Life

Life is amazingly full of God's grace both as a mystery and a miracle! The Scripture timelessly reveals that God's abiding grace is infinite and sufficient for all His creation from the beginning to the end of time! God's grace is present often in the most unexpected times and places through people and events in simple and spectacular ways!

As a woman of faith, Diaconal Minister and Mission Worker Roela Victoria Rivera presents her new inspirational book of devotions and prayers. She hopes to give you blessed opportunities to experience God's grace in many situations and conditions in life like glimpses of heaven on earth. Roela had mysterious experiences of seeing the beauty and glory of heaven and hearing the powerful voice of God three times ---- at age 10, at age 18 and again in 2002 when she had a near-death experience. Then, after a mild stroke in 2004, she lost her clear eyesight, but not her vision. Since then, even though she is legally blind, Roela has been steadfast in her faith and her covenant to fulfill God's Divine new plan, and purpose for her new life. In this new book, Roela hopes to continue to inspire many people and help them to deepen their faith and translate it into action: to learn to live the art of righteous and grateful living; and to enjoy and cherish the simple joys of life. This treasure book offers some inspiring and interesting faith stories, prayers and poetry written by this author with some testimonies by gifted friends and family. It also features Roela's selected water color paintings in the refreshing Oriental free style done before and after she became legally blind. Even with her vision challenge and physical limitations, Roela often travels with her husband Jun, who is her partner in life and ministry, service and witness, to share God's love, grace, hope, and the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Some Book Endorsements:

  • World Editor and Publisher of the Upper Room, Rev. Dr. Stephen D. Bryant remarks: "The ability to see is more than physical. In this book, Roela Rivera who is physically blind herself helps us to see what she has learned to see with the eye of the heart: God's presence when He feels absent, God's blessing ....... from unexpected quarters."
  • Director Tommy Ward of Tennessee Conference, United Methodist Church interestingly says: "Roela Rivera may be legally blind, but the clarity of her sight is evident in every aspect of her life, especially in her writing about amazing grace of God. This book is not only a testimony to Roela's faith but, will be a blessing to yours."
  • Rev. Larry Hollon, Former General Secretary of the United Methodist Communications has this to tell: "Roela Rivera is inspiring. She has turned her loss of sight into an unexpected source of inspiration and beauty. Her writing and art show that vision is greater that sight alone. She is a person of deep faith. Her story shows us that hope and creativity under God's guiding spirit, can overcome the darkness and bring light into the world."
  • Rev. Dr. Fred Cloud had interesting reflections on this book: "It challenges readers to dig into their experiences of grace and to expand their perception and understanding of God's abiding grace in everyday life. It merits careful daily reading and reflection."

Finally, through this book, Roela invites you to join with her joy and excitement in experiencing the amazing grace of God that adds more meaning and purpose to your daily life! God bless you with loving grace, genuine peace, and pure joy!

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