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Introduction to Hebrew: A Guide for Learning and Using Biblical Hebrew - by William Fullilove (Paperback)

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Introduction to Hebrew: A Guide for Learning and Using Biblical Hebrew - by  William Fullilove (Paperback)
Introduction to Hebrew: A Guide for Learning and Using Biblical Hebrew - by  William Fullilove (Paperback)
Introduction to Hebrew: A Guide for Learning and Using Biblical Hebrew - by  William Fullilove (Paperback)
Introduction to Hebrew: A Guide for Learning and Using Biblical Hebrew - by  William Fullilove (Paperback)
Introduction to Hebrew: A Guide for Learning and Using Biblical Hebrew - by  William Fullilove (Paperback)
Introduction to Hebrew: A Guide for Learning and Using Biblical Hebrew - by  William Fullilove (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 448
Genre: Religion + Beliefs
Sub-Genre: Biblical Reference
Format: Paperback
Publisher: P & R Publishing
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: Language Study
Author: William Fullilove
Language: English

Book Synopsis

Most students of biblical Hebrew quit their studies at the most crucial moment--the transition from language basics to biblical exegesis. But students can flourish early on and progress further if they are trained from the outset to read and explain biblical texts effectively. In this comprehensive introductory textbook, Professor William Fullilove teaches the basics of biblical Hebrew morphology and syntax alongside the development of exegetical skills. With a focus on developing reading ability, the course gives students rapid insight into the value of their Hebrew study, showing them how to handle God's Word with depth and robust exegesis. Each of the twenty-eight chapters has three sections: an introduction of the grammar (bringing in verbs as early as possible), grammar and reading exercises, and exegetical exercises, developing skills in the beginner that are typically reserved for more advanced students.

Review Quotes

"Bill Fullilove is a former student of mine and served as an excellent teaching assistant in my courses. Clearly, his interest in Hebrew is not merely academic. He wants his students to understand the language and to use it in teaching the Bible, more than is common among seminary graduates. I am not an expert in Hebrew grammar, but I share Bill's concern for its use in ministry. The book seems to be very complete, going beyond the text I perused in seminary. Bill presents not only the Hebrew vocabulary and forms, but much on the actual practice of textual criticism, semantic range of terms, and continuing differences among translators. He is much aware of the tendency of beginning Hebrew students to claim more knowledge than they actually have, and he issues appropriate warnings. I hope the book gets a wide usage so that it might enrich the church's teaching of the Word of God."--John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

"Bill Fullilove's new grammar of Biblical Hebrew is an outstanding introduction to the language for beginning students. The author presents the basic material clearly and cogently, while deftly incorporating insights gleaned from the latest research. Beginners will enjoy starting to read actual excerpts from the Bible at an early stage; and by the end, they will be well equipped for the task of Old Testament exegesis. I warmly and enthusiastically recommend this fine new textbook."--Ed Cook, Chairman, Department of Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literatures; Associate Professor, The Catholic University of America

"Dr. Bill Fullilove has successfully produced a new grammar that demonstrates the benefits of Biblical Hebrew for exegetical matters. From something as basic as the alphabet to more sophisticated linguistic concepts, he provides practical steps in gaining a knowledge of Hebrew as an essential tool to understand the message of Scripture. Diligent students will find this grammar rewarding and see immediate fruits of their labors."--Peter Lee, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

"From beginning to end, Fullilove keeps in mind that the ultimate goal of biblical language-learning is to grasp the message of Scripture so that the text can master us. This is an exegetically oriented beginning Hebrew grammar. It sets itself apart by teaching not only what morphology and clause syntax are but how our knowledge of Hebrew helps us understand God's Book. Fullilove gets students into the biblical text early and then uses creative paths to nurture discovery and to point forward toward application. The chapters are well structured and clear, and the overall work is highly creative. This is a guidebook that will motivate students to learn, so I joyfully recommend this grammar."--Jason S. DeRouchie, Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology, Bethlehem College & Seminary; Coauthor, A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew

"Fullilove accomplishes what every student, not to mention every teacher, of Biblical Hebrew wants to accomplish as quickly as possible: introducing the learner to the ancient text of Scripture. While many grammars succeed in teaching the structure and lexicon of Biblical Hebrew, this well-designed grammar reminds us early and often of the reason why we study the language and of the rich teaching we can glean from a robust exegesis of the Holy Scriptures."--John Scott Redd Jr., President and Associate Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

"I wish I had been given this book forty years ago! Dr. Fullilove's Hebrew grammar is much more than a primer; it is a veritable treasure that takes students by the hand and demonstrates how we might now use what we know without overblown and self-confident claims of 'new insights' or 'errors in the translation.' An impressive and much-needed book that will help every student of Scripture profit from the original language. Enthusiastically recommended."--Derek W.H. Thomas, Chancellor's Professor of Systematic and Pastoral Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church (ARP), Columbia, South Carolina

"In my experience, students work incredibly hard to learn Hebrew. But since they don't experience firsthand the value of reading Hebrew for exegesis, a regrettable number of them don't maintain their Hebrew and therefore never get to see its payoff. Or else they are daunted by the process of using the exegetical reference tools that could help them capitalize on the skills they worked so hard to acquire. "Introduction to Hebrew by Bill Fullilove, a great new resource for Hebrew teachers and students, was designed to solve that problem. Its chief brilliance lies in showing students the value of Hebrew for exegesis from the very beginning of their study. Every chapter guides the students through an exegetical exercise based on the material just learned. (Even if all they know is the alphabet!) It teaches them to use reference tools and to draw conclusions based on their understanding of Hebrew. This not only shows them the value of knowing Hebrew, but trains them to use those reference tools so that they come out equipped rather than intimidated by them. Hurray! "At the same time that the book builds students' confidence in finding answers, it encourages humility in interacting with others and cautions them not to assume, as beginning students, that they have all the answers. That gracious word is as valuable as the skills imparted. "Of course, many specific aspects of the book are well thought out, too: introducing verbs early; familiarizing students with morphological tendencies, such as assimilating nuns, but waiting to teach weak verbs until the strong verb is well learned; and drawing the practice exercises from Scripture. But its greatest benefit lies in simultaneously training students in Hebrew and in exegesis--and building their confidence in both."--Elizabeth Groves, Lecturer in Biblical Hebrew, Westminster Theological Seminary

"In my years of teaching biblical studies, I have increasingly come to understand the need to help students discern the weightier matters of the languages without neglecting the finer points. So organization and clarity are absolutely imperative. The better a professor can help students clearly see the organizational patterns of the language, the more encouraged they are to continue--and the more likely they are to succeed. Bill Fullilove's Hebrew grammar accomplishes just that. The organization is shrewd and helpful. The clarity is unsurpassed. I look forward to using it with my own students."--Nicholas G. Piotrowski, Director of Biblical and Theological Studies and Associate Dean of Academics, Crossroads Bible College

"It is a joy to commend Bill Fullilove's Introduction to Hebrew to present and future pastors and to serious readers of the Scripture. He has found ways to make the language so accessible and yet filled with such accuracy that many who thought Hebrew was beyond their reach will find it readily and comfortably right at hand."--Walter C. Kaiser Jr., President Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"Learning biblical languages can be tedious, but it does not have to be; it is much more enjoyable when guided by a gifted teacher. Therefore, I am happy to commend this distinctive textbook written by a trustworthy guide. William Fullilove not only shepherds students through the rudiments of Hebrew grammar, but also introduces sound exegetical method. Each chapter contains "live" examples of Biblical Hebrew, which provides encouragement for students to persevere in their studies, and demonstrates the need for diligence to be faithful stewards of the Word of God. This is an excellent choice for an introductory Hebrew grammar."--Brandon Crowe, Associate Professor of New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

"Many students begin their study of Biblical Hebrew with enthusiasm, but lose their zeal because they see no practical benefit. Dr. Fullilove shows beginning students the value of learning Hebrew every step of the way. His approach will encourage students to keep moving forward until they master the basic grammar of Biblical Hebrew."--Richard L. Pratt Jr., President, Third Millennium Ministries

"One of my colleagues in the Old Testament department likes to quip that Greek is the language of the gods, but Hebrew is the language of God. If he's right, that may explain why Hebrew is so challenging to learn! But fear not, for expert help is at hand. Bill Fullilove's mission is to make learning Biblical Hebrew as painless, productive, and pastorally relevant as it can be. I'm delighted that he has now written an introductory text based on his many years of teaching experience and his sympathetic attention to students' needs. It will be an invaluable resource not only for seminarians but for any other lover of God's Word who desires to read Jesus' own Bible in its original language. I highly recommend it."--James N. Anderson, Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte

"The product of many years of careful study and of sustained engagement with students studying Hebrew for the first time, William Fullilove's Introduction to Hebrew offers a wonderful balance between detailed language instruction and exegetical engagement with the Hebrew Bible. Students will gain a strong foundation in Hebrew from this book while immediately experiencing the benefits of that study for interpreting the Bible. This combination of features will aid instructors in teaching their students and help students to sustain their motivation to study the language, two areas in which so many other grammars fail to serve their primary audiences. Introduction to Hebrew can and will initiate students into a lifetime of enriching interaction with the Hebrew text of the Bible."--C. A. Strine, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow and Lecturer in Hebrew Bible, University of Sheffield; Author, Sworn Enemies: The Divine Oath, the Book of Ezekiel, and the Polemics of Exile

"This is the best teaching grammar of Biblical Hebrew available today. It has no rival. Fullilove combines his expert knowledge of the language with clear and concise explanations that are oriented toward beginning students. What sets this grammar apart is its exegetical focus, showing at every turn the relevance of the language for biblical interpretation. This is the ideal textbook for college and seminary students who are preparing for Christian ministry."--Scott C. Jones, Professor of Biblical Studies, Covenant College; Author, Rumors of Wisdom: Job 28 as Poetry

Here's the book I wish I had been given, and from which I wish I had been instructed, when I was a student of Hebrew. Ministry students are frankly goal-oriented when it comes to language study. We want our language knowledge to directly and continually enable us interpret God's Word. Bill Fullilove's Introduction to Hebrew never loses sight of this goal. I highly recommend it.--Timothy Keller, Founding Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Manhattan; Chairman and Cofounder, Redeemer City to City (CTC)

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