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The Bird Atlas - by Barbara Taylor (Hardcover)

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The Bird Atlas - by  Barbara Taylor (Hardcover)
The Bird Atlas - by  Barbara Taylor (Hardcover)
The Bird Atlas - by  Barbara Taylor (Hardcover)
The Bird Atlas - by  Barbara Taylor (Hardcover)
The Bird Atlas - by  Barbara Taylor (Hardcover)
The Bird Atlas - by  Barbara Taylor (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 64
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
Sub-Genre: Animals
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
Age Range: 9-12 Years
Book theme: Birds
Author: Barbara Taylor
Language: English

About the Book

"Explore the world of birds with this magnificently illustrated atlas. Which bird migrates the farthest? How do birds find a mate? What can we do to help endangered birds? Fully updated for its 25th anniversary, The Bird Atlas answers all these questions and more. This lavishly illustrated atlas for children is not your average guide to birds. It takes children on a tour, continent by continent, to meet the birds of the world. Within each section, the book travels through different biomes, such as mountains, deserts, and rivers; and specific regions, from the Mediterranean to the Everglades, Galapagos, and Himalayas"--

Book Synopsis

Take a peek inside the beautiful and absorbing world of birds with this lavishly illustrated children's bird atlas.

From the Amazon Rainforest to the Rocky Mountains, this fully-fledged children's bird guide will take you on a guided tour, continent by continent, to meet some of the most spectacular birds in the world!

Get ready to journey through different biomes, like rivers and desserts, to discover fun facts about birds that will fascinate and inspire every budding ornithologist. In this bird book for kids, you'll learn why flamingos are pink, why birds migrate and who migrates the farthest, and which bird species are endangered.

Packed with hundreds of incredible, life-like illustrations, this educational book is a pictorial guide to the birds of the world. It showcases birds from every continent as you've never seen before with detailed maps pinpointing where different species of birds can be found. See magnificent snowy owls in the Arctic, tiny three-wattled bellbirds in the Caribbean, towering ostriches in Africa, and gorgeous depictions of the flighty American Robin.

A Truly Breathtaking Celebration of Birdlife

The Bird Atlas is arranged in order of continent - Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, North America, South America, and Antarctica. Every continent is introduced with an overview of the ecology, climate, and landscape, and the typical and incredible birds that live there. This children's book is the perfect introduction to our feathered friends and makes a great gift for the new generation of birdwatchers.

Inside the pages of this children's atlas, you'll discover:

- Fascinating facts about birds, from why vultures are bald to how bald eagles actually aren't
- Why some species are endangered and what can be done to protect them
- Birds that can be found in different countries and continents of the world, their habitat, geography, and climate
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About the Author

Barbara Taylor has a degree in environmental science. She formerly worked at London's Natural History Museum, and now writes science and nature books full-time.

Richard Orr has long been established as one of Britain's foremost natural history artists. He has contributed to numerous books and magazines around the world, and has also exhibited paintings in London's Natural History Museum and zoos in the Netherlands.

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