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The Gross Cookbook - by Susanna Tee (Hardcover)

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The Gross Cookbook - by  Susanna Tee (Hardcover)
The Gross Cookbook - by  Susanna Tee (Hardcover)
The Gross Cookbook - by  Susanna Tee (Hardcover)
The Gross Cookbook - by  Susanna Tee (Hardcover)
The Gross Cookbook - by  Susanna Tee (Hardcover)
The Gross Cookbook - by  Susanna Tee (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 64
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
Sub-Genre: Cooking & Food
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Sourcebooks Explore
Age Range: 9-12 Years
Author: Susanna Tee
Language: English

About the Book

From realistic looking gummy worms to cookies that look like they belong in a litter box, this outrageous cookbook has plenty of ideas to make people squirm. Includes fact sheets about gross dishes from around the world. Full color.

Book Synopsis

Do you want to gross out your friends?
Do you like making people laugh?
Would you like to throw the best Halloween party?
Do you need the perfect gift?

This cookbook is for you!

Inside you'll find all the best recipes for foods that LOOK disgusting but are actually DELICIOUS!
Pretend you're eating straight from the litter box with Cat Poop cookies
Trick your friends into thinking you had a little accident while cooking with Severed Fingers cheese straws
Host a zombie-themed party and serve brains for everyone--Human Brain cake, that is

From (fake) rotten eggs to big green (fake) boogers, these recipes are sure to make the grossest, most disgusting (but completely harmless and totally delicious) foods ever!

And to top it all off, included with all of the gross (but yummy) recipes are facts about REAL gross foods eaten all around the world! Learn the truth about eating fish heads in Alaska and wasp crackers in Japan and so much more.

Great for kids ages 9-12 or for anyone else! Everyone will love trying and eating all the disgusting and delicious foods in this cookbook for Halloween or any day of the year!

Review Quotes

"Did someone say Halloween party?...Despite their unappetizing appearances, the 15 dishes are entirely edible: the severed fingers are cheddar cheese straws dipped in ketchup, the intestines combine coils of chocolate dough with raspberry filling, and the maggots are marzipan...Picky eaters and unsuspecting dinner guests beware.
" - Publishers Weekly

"Delightfully disgusting-looking recipes fill this playful cookbook for kids. Perfect for Halloween, there are recipes for severed fingers, cat litter cake, frog's egg pudding, and many more that are made to look totally gross but are actually delicious." - School Library Journal

"Nothing says Halloween like creepy and revolting food, and this colorful cookbook is filled with appealingly unpalatable (but tasty) recipes for kids to make." - Booklist

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