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Voyage To Bravery - by Jeremiah Shelton (Paperback)

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Voyage To Bravery - by  Jeremiah Shelton (Paperback)
Voyage To Bravery - by  Jeremiah Shelton (Paperback)
Voyage To Bravery - by  Jeremiah Shelton (Paperback)
Voyage To Bravery - by  Jeremiah Shelton (Paperback)
Voyage To Bravery - by  Jeremiah Shelton (Paperback)
Voyage To Bravery - by  Jeremiah Shelton (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 74
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Sub-Genre: Action & Adventure
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Voyage to Bravery
Age Range: 9-12 Years
Book theme: General
Author: Jeremiah Shelton
Language: English

Book Synopsis

The story begins at the doctor's office with Sam and his Mother. Sam is finishing his final treatment at the doctor's office and he will finally be able to go home. Sam just wants to be a normal kid and to not have these health issues. Sam's Mom reminds him that he is so much more than a "normal" kid and that he has a purpose.

When Sam returns home his father and two sisters are there to celebrate him being home. Sam is excited and he has gifts from his family and a gift from a local charity group. The local group sent him a blanket and a card with over 100 signatures on it. Sam felt special that people cared so much. Later that day Sam starts to feel bad and goes to sleep.

The next morning when he wakes up, he notices a huge group of runners outside on the running trail. Sam was sick of being sick and he wanted to be normal. Sam snuck out of his house and went for a run. Sam felt great at first but, then it hit him. He was out of breath and could not run anymore. Sam feel to his knees and started crying and screaming that he just wanted to be normal. When Sam looked up, he noticed a Giant Man walking towards him. The Giant Man is named Goodwin and Goodwin explains to Sam, that Sam is special, and he needs Sam to save the Land of Aurora. Goodwin gives Sam a magical acorn and ask Sam to say, "I Am Powerful, I Am Strong, and I Am Brave." With that, the portal to Aurora reveals itself and Sam walks in.

Sam starts to doubt himself when he enters the portal, and he spins out of control and lands in the middle of the ocean. As he struggles in the ocean, he remembers the acorn and screams, "I Am Powerful, I Am Strong, I Am Brave!" At that moment he spots a huge ship in the distance. When the ship arrives, Sam is pulled onto the ship and he meets Jamie and Earl who will help him on his journey. Earl tells Sam that he must go meet the Gatekeeper and he gives Sam the Powerful "Mehler Anchor" and a small sailboat so he can continue his voyage to meet the Gatekeeper.

Sam is on the sailboat for a couple of days because, the wind is not blowing, and his sails are flat. Sam starts to doubt himself again until two more characters show up. These characters are part of the Speedsters Crew and they are so fast that they can run on water. The Speedsters give Sam the Powerful "Belief Stone." Sam uses the Belief Stone to control the wind and power his sailboat. Sam continues his journey to meet the Gatekeeper.

Meanwhile Jamie and Earl are searching for the Queen to let her know that Sam is in Aurora. When they reach the city, the city is under attack from Mr. C and the city is engulfed in flames. Jamie and Earl find the queen and let her know that Sam has arrived. The Queen remembers her Promise that she made, and she pulls out the Promise Stone. The Queen, Jamie, Earl, & the Queens Royal Guard find their way to the ship and set sail towards Sam & the Gate Keeper.

Sam makes it to the island where the Gatekeeper lives. Sam goes through a series of test to find his truth self. Sam passes all the test and meets the Gatekeeper.

The Queen, Gatekeeper, Sam, and the rest of the crew meet on the Gatekeepers island. The queen gives Sam the promise stone. The gatekeep combines the belief stone, Mehler anchor, acorn, & promise stone to open the portal back to Sam's world.

Sam returns home with a mission to build an army to bring back to Aurora. To be continued....

Each Power Book Pack comes with a Power Cape and Power Pouch that include the Mehler Anchor, Belief Stone, Promise Stone, and Acorn.

Review Quotes

Sam is tired of the hospital and tired of treatments. Wishing for the life he considers normal, Sam tries to reacclimate himself to his life at home and away from the life to which he has grown accustomed in the hospital. When Sam's mother brings him home, he is greeted by a most wonderful display of love and support. Even the amazing show of generosity by a local running group isn't enough to fully lift Sam's spirits. He yearns to feel normal and he wants, more than anything, to know his purpose. Will he recognize it when it presents itself to him?

Voyage to Bravery, written by Jeremiah Shelton and illustrated by Sarah Hameed, is the beautifully woven tale of Sam, a young boy seeking his purpose in life. When he decides to follow the signs he is being given and push himself to overcome his feelings of despair, things begin to turn around for Sam and in a big way.

As I read, I couldn't help but think what a wonderful companion book Shelton has written. Each year, my third graders complete a unit study on Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Sam's story is a fantastic paired reading for Sadako's story. There are some great parallels between Sadako's real-life experience and Sam's. The focus on strength, bravery, and power is an important one for readers of all ages.

I am giving Voyage to Bravery, written by Jeremiah Shelton and illustrated by Sarah Hameed, an enthusiastic 5 out of 5 stars. Hameed's intricate and breathtaking illustrations are beyond stunning and pull readers even further into Sam's adventure. I intend to use the story of Sam and his fantastic voyage in a theme unit on strength of character with my students. I highly recommend Shelton's work-a definite must-read for young readers. Literary Titan Review

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