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Acid Reflux Diet - by Raquel L Morales (Hardcover)

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Acid Reflux Diet - by  Raquel L Morales (Hardcover)
Acid Reflux Diet - by  Raquel L Morales (Hardcover)
Acid Reflux Diet - by  Raquel L Morales (Hardcover)
Acid Reflux Diet - by  Raquel L Morales (Hardcover)
Acid Reflux Diet - by  Raquel L Morales (Hardcover)
Acid Reflux Diet - by  Raquel L Morales (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 262
Genre: Cooking + Food + Wine
Sub-Genre: General
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Charlie Creative Lab
Age Range: Adult
Author: Raquel L Morales
Language: English

Book Synopsis

Get Rid of Acid Reflux Forever and Start Enjoying Food Again!

Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), or simply acid reflux, is when acid gets out of your stomach and goes in the direction of your mouth. It's annoying, embarrassing, and sometimes painful.

It prevents you from enjoying your meals and relaxing after eating. It causes bad breath so you may feel awkward in social situations. It won't let you sleep well because simply lying down causes heartburn. Medical treatments for acid reflux do exist, but they are costly and have side effects, so you should start healing GERD with dietary and lifestyle changes. A carefully designed meal plan may be the only heartburn treatment you'll ever need.

Even if you don't suffer from GERD right now, you may face it in the future (for example, if you gain weight, become pregnant or go through stressful situations). This is why you should know how to prevent it in a natural and healthy way - by adhering to a well-designed diet. And this is exactly what this book has to offer.

This GERD treatment book will teach you:

  • Which foods can cause acid reflux and should be carefully avoided
  • Which foods can and should be enjoyed (spoiler: you don't have to worry about eating the same bland stuff every day - the book offers delicious and easy-to-follow recipes to inspire you!)
  • How to plan your meals, especially your breakfast if you want to avoid heartburn and bad breath
  • How to adapt your lifestyle to get rid of those annoying GERD symptoms for good
  • How to jump-start weight loss to start healing and preventing GERD naturally
  • And much more!


Q Will this diet help me, even if I've reached the chronic stadium?

A Absolutely. Meal plans, recipes and advices in this book are all based on medical and scientific research. Special attention was given to foods that contain detoxifying components and agents. Some of them are even used in medical anti-reflux pills.

Q Will this diet heal GERB permanently?

A Yes and no. Don't think about this diet as something you only have to follow for a couple of months, and then get back to the old habits. Think of it as changing your lifestyle for good. That way, you'll get rid of GERB permanently.

Q Will following this diet hurt my budget?

A No. Instead of paying for expensive GERB drugs, you'll be investing in healthy foods. A lot of the ingredients listed in this book are incredibly cheap.

Q Does this diet contain ingredients that are hard to find?

A No. You can find all of them in your local stores, and the majority of them are pretty basic.

Start enjoying food again, get rid of pain and improve your general health!

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