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CHAMPIONS' Creed - by Marke Z Freeman (Paperback)

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CHAMPIONS' Creed - by  Marke Z Freeman (Paperback)
CHAMPIONS' Creed - by  Marke Z Freeman (Paperback)
CHAMPIONS' Creed - by  Marke Z Freeman (Paperback)
CHAMPIONS' Creed - by  Marke Z Freeman (Paperback)
CHAMPIONS' Creed - by  Marke Z Freeman (Paperback)
CHAMPIONS' Creed - by  Marke Z Freeman (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 156
Genre: Business + Money Management
Sub-Genre: Personal Success
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Lighthouse Press
Age Range: Adult
Author: Marke Z Freeman
Language: English

About the Book

With authentic examples and results-proven knowledge, Marke unpacks the nine essential characteristics needed to achieve greatness, revealing the framework upon which a CHAMPION is developed.

Book Synopsis

What is greatness? It is a CHAMPION'S ability to execute simple practices, consistently, at a high level. It is a commitment to maintaining uncommon habits and focusing only on what one can control in an effort to be one's best self. CHAMPIONS' Creed is the blueprint that the best leaders in sports and business have mastered to claim their place at the top.

The undeniable principles provided in CHAMPIONS' Creed separate the good from the great. Writing from a deep, been-there experience, Author Marke Freeman takes you on a journey to discover your CHAMPION within. She provides unpopular and unknown actionable strategies to separate you from your counterparts and deliver the results you seek. With authentic examples and results-proven knowledge, Marke shares and unpacks the nine essential characteristics needed to achieve greatness.

Through her prolific storytelling, this Catalyst of Greatness connects her personal experiences as a professional athlete and the stories of other world-class beings who also have chosen to stray from mediocrity and attain greatness utilizing these principles. CHAMPIONS' Creed will educate, equip, and empower you to transform your habits, create an undeniable mindset, and progress to unseen levels of success.

CHAMPIONS' Creed is perfect for:

-Leaders, athletes and business professionals. Anyone seeking actionable strategies and the motivation to execute them to achieve greatness

-Locker room, boardroom and classroom

-Individuals and groups

-Young adults and adults

Review Quotes

"Being a champion is not something to be taken lightly; everyone wants to know the secret.

Marke has brought light to the process in a way that speaks to all. The journey to a championship includes daily progress, inspiration into persistence, and even using fear in the appropriate way. A must read for the champion in all of us."

--Dan Hughes, Seattle Storm Head Coach, two-time WNBA Champion

"Marke Freeman knows what it takes to be a champion, and she so eloquently and tactically lays out the formula here in her latest book, CHAMPIONS' Creed. She has synthesized all of her experiences both on the court as well as in life and boiled success down into the nine key characteristics necessary to be your best self--the person you were created and purposed to be. You owe it to yourself to be a CHAMPION. Here is the good news: Marke shows you how. Make the decision today to do the work and lead your best life."

--Lisa Nichols, CEO Technology Partners

"You hold in your hands the playbook for the most important game of all--your life! Marke Freeman has laid out the game plan for you. Follow these steps and you will join her as a CHAMPION!"

--Bob Rathbun, Atlanta Hawks TV play-by-play announcer, 12-time Emmy Award winner

"The first time I had the privilege of hearing Marke speak, the woman behind me leaned forward and asked if we could 'just bottle her up and take her home? Marke's insight and wisdom coupled with her ability to motivate and inspire make her a very special individual--someone you want to bottle up and take with you to cheer you on and push you to your greatest potential. Whether you're an athlete or business professional, the CHAMPIONS' Creed is a must read for anyone wanting to take their game, both on and off the court, to the next level."

--Denée Evans, CEO Council of MLS

"Marke is a beacon of light in the sports world, and the principles she unpacks in CHAMPIONS' Creed will undoubtedly help any athlete, coach, businessperson, or leader achieve their full potential."

--Mano Watsa, President of PGC Basketball and Key5 Coaching

"If you have a competitive bone in your body or have a desire to lead, CHAMPIONS' Creed is a must read."

--Carol Owens, Associate Head Coach University of Notre Dame Women's Basketball, 2018 National Champion

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