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Craft Beer Marketing & Distribution - by Mark Colburn (Paperback)

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Craft Beer Marketing & Distribution - by  Mark Colburn (Paperback)
Craft Beer Marketing & Distribution - by  Mark Colburn (Paperback)
Craft Beer Marketing & Distribution - by  Mark Colburn (Paperback)
Craft Beer Marketing & Distribution - by  Mark Colburn (Paperback)
Craft Beer Marketing & Distribution - by  Mark Colburn (Paperback)
Craft Beer Marketing & Distribution - by  Mark Colburn (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 180
Genre: Business + Money Management
Sub-Genre: Marketing
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Shinerunner Publishing
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: General
Author: Mark Colburn
Language: English

About the Book

Comprehensive book on US craft beer marketing and distribution. Book is written by author with 30 years in the US alcohol business. Detailed case histories and personal experiences are used to convey ideas and how to best approach and win in the US alcohol industry both On and Off Premise (On and Off Trade).

Book Synopsis

This unique book is written by a marketing executive who has 30 years in the US beverage alcohol business focusing on craft beer. The book covers marketing and distribution for any size craft beer brewer, spirits distiller, wine vinter or non alcoholic beverage producer. Real life case histories and personal experiences show the reader how to develop strategy, objectives, overcome objections and how to work with US wholesalers as well as their sales teams. Case histories cover both the On and Off Premise (On and Off Trade) channels while showing the reader how to analzye the market and the competition to gain entry into the very challenging US alcohol marketplace. The author holds a masters degree in marketing and has been published by the American Marketing Association. The book has taken four years to write and is based on needs communicated in countless craft beer conferences and festivals by brewers and industry professionals who want to learn about marketing and distribution. As of this writing, the author knows of no other book on the market like it. The book also teaches the reader how to select, manage and motivate US wholesaler teams including incentive/sales planning real life examples. Social media is also addressed along with expansion precautions, product line extension discussions and new product names, pricing and packaging.

Review Quotes

From Bob Stahl - Former President of DBI Beverage and Golden Brands Distributing Mark Colburn has developed into an inquisitive thinker and marketer of beer. He is continually searching for creative ways and distinctive methods to develop beer brands. He has become a student of the beer industry over the past decade and constantly uses his marketing background and focus to trumpet the KDA's of beer brands. Check out his new book to expand your knowledge of the beer industry and learn new ways to see how brands are built! From Jim Koch - Chairman, Boston Beer Company Mark and has spent many years in the Bay Area marketing and distributing some of America's leading craft beers. He is passionate and thoughtful about craft beer. From Sir Alistair Hunter, KCMG, former Director of Trade and Investment - The Americas As Britain's Director-General of Trade and Investment in the United States for four and a half years, I have seen the work of Mark Colburn at both first and second hand. Mark's efforts at helping UK companies in the food and beverage industry have been outstanding. He has brought to his work unbounded enthusiasm, complete dedication and in-depth knowledge, which he continues to replenish, of the United States food and beverage industry, at all levels. From Joseph Frankel, Regional Sales Manager, Mendocino Brewing Company I have worked with Mark for ten years and have not met anyone that has the creative marketing energy and passion that he has. I have no clue how he comes up with his ideas but they have certainly helped Mendocino Brewing. In this book you will learn beverage marketing and distribution. The real life case histories that Mark shares will provide you with ideas and methods to succeed in this tough beverage environment. I strongly recommend this book for any beverage professional.

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