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Exploring your intelligent body - by Rob A Rich (Paperback)

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Exploring your intelligent body - by  Rob A Rich (Paperback)
Exploring your intelligent body - by  Rob A Rich (Paperback)
Exploring your intelligent body - by  Rob A Rich (Paperback)
Exploring your intelligent body - by  Rob A Rich (Paperback)
Exploring your intelligent body - by  Rob A Rich (Paperback)
Exploring your intelligent body - by  Rob A Rich (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 192
Genre: Health + Wellness
Sub-Genre: General
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Rob Rich Ortho-Bionomy
Age Range: Adult
Author: Rob A Rich
Language: English

Book Synopsis

Your body is an intelligent system with a self protective mechanism and the capacity to self-correct (heal itself). Learning how to stimulate your body's ability to self-correct can help change long term physical, mental and emotional dysfunctions. Exploring your intelligent body gives you the theory as well as the self-care tools to change dysfunctional patterns.

exploring how your body responds to simple exercises the reader gets to find what works for their own body. The thoery of why this works then makes it possible for the reader to gain an understanding of what tools to use when as well as increased active participation in their own health, the tools create creater peace of mind and a relaxed attitude to life.

Review Quotes

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading "Exploring Your Intelligent Body"...

What an absolute masterpiece this is.

As someone who strives for high performance in all areas of life, I am seriously impressed that Rob has not only managed to provide a simple roadmap towards helping us to master our self care strategies, but he has provided real techniques that can make a massive difference towards the expansion of human potential.

There is something in this book for everyone.

A must read!

James Yates

High Performance Coach

Being an enthusiastic proponent of Ortho-Bionomy principles and self-care practices, I have gobbled up this book. It's a great fusion of our current understanding of physiology, and interpretation of our human condition.

Rob helps us grasp the 'how' and the 'why' of the body and mind's responses to our experiences, our beliefs and our connection to self and others. He then distils this into easy to read, easy to do, and easy to remember exercises that simply work!

The emphasis on our bodies' astonishing and innate intelligence is an inspiring, positive and important reminder to us all. Whether you are a bodyworker, or someone who is seeking to heal, this book will help hone your intentions, and provide valuable and uplifting insights into how you might approach and support the body/mind more effectively and with minimal energy.

Self-care is a fertile middle ground between doing nothing and expecting your body to heal and find balance - and expecting others to fix you. This book leads us gently on a path to that ground, helping us feel safe to be going there, and once we are there, feeling amazed at how possible change can be, and how easily it can take place.

Jenny Blyth - bodyworker, birth educator, birthworker

"I found "Exploring Your Intelligent Body" to be an easy to read, and very informative, manual for all "body users." The perfect user's guide to provide understanding and for supporting processes that will improve structure and function, on both the physical and emotional levels of existence.

Personally, I find it has provided ideas to use in my own clinic practice when working with clients, and to offer as very effective, yet gentle and simple, self-care practice to my clients.

A great resource!"

Karen Sonter......

Ortho-Bionomy Advanced Practitioner and Instructor

Exploring Your Intelligent Body clearly addresses aspects of our body from a physical, physiological, mental and emotional point of view, giving the reader an opportunity to understand how our body can self-correct on many planes. It interweaves the uniquely sensitive form of bodywork known as Ortho-Bionomy, using physical self-care exercises, plus exercises to de-stress, and exercises in mindfulness. As such, it is an inspiration for all who wish to gain insight, knowledge and self-understanding.

Highly recommended.

Lois Logan, Ortho-Bionomy Instructor, Australia.

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