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Landscape Painting in Watercolor - by Zoltan Szabo (Paperback)

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Landscape Painting in Watercolor - by  Zoltan Szabo (Paperback)
Landscape Painting in Watercolor - by  Zoltan Szabo (Paperback)
Landscape Painting in Watercolor - by  Zoltan Szabo (Paperback)
Landscape Painting in Watercolor - by  Zoltan Szabo (Paperback)
Landscape Painting in Watercolor - by  Zoltan Szabo (Paperback)
Landscape Painting in Watercolor - by  Zoltan Szabo (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 184
Genre: Art
Sub-Genre: Techniques
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Echo Point Books & Media
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: Painting
Author: Zoltan Szabo
Language: English

Book Synopsis

Zoltan Szabo's Landscape Painting in Watercolor offers a wealth of information for both aspiring artists and seasoned painters. This comprehensive text, enriched by over 300 illustrations, 24 of which are full-page color plates, includes instructions and advice for creating fantastic watercolor paintings. Thirty-six step-by-step demonstrations and over 200 monochrome illustrations vividly guide the reader through every phase of painting the landscape.

Zoltan Szabo discusses color, texture, and other characteristics of watercolor, as well as the materials and equipment needed to complete a watercolor master-piece. He describes various techniques-the basic washes, direct painting, dry brush, painting on wet paper, handling the painting knife-and suggests ways of achieving texture, pattern, and special effects by using masking techniques, razor blades, and many other objects and approaches. The reader learns what to looks for in the environment, how to choose a subject, and how to handle both simple and complex subjects. Szabo also introduces the basics of composition-relationships of shapes, center of interest, three-dimensionality and perspective, value and form, white space, the sequence of painting, and sketching.

Step-by-step demonstrations and auxiliary illustrations demonstrate how to paint the seasons, trees, forests, undergrowth, rocks, sand and soil, water (still and moving), reflections, fog, mist, rain, snow, sky and clouds, sunsets, fences, buildings, and people and animals in landscape.

This book is sure to appeal to novice and professional painter alike and will provide, with its handsome gallery of illustrations, inspiration as well as instruction for every watercolor enthusiast.

Zoltan Szabo was born in Hungary in 1928 and studied at the National Academy of Industrial Art in Budapest. He emigrated to Canada in 1949, and made a name for himself as one of Canada's foremost landscape painters. In addition to teaching workshops and seminars on watercolor painting, Szabo has exhibited his work in London, Canada, and the United States. Zoltan Szabo's paintings are found in public and private collections worldwide, including those of the prime ministers of Canada and Jamaica and in the National Gallery of Hungary. Other books by Zoltan Szabo include Painting Nature's Hidden Treasures, Painting Little Landscapes, and Zoltan Szabo Paints Landscapes.

For a more durable Echo Point Hardcover edition of Landscape Painting in Watercolor (ISBN 1626548633).

Readers interested in related titles from Zoltan Szabo will also want to see: Creative Watercolor Techniques (ISBN: 1626541361), Painting Little Landscapes (ISBN: 1626549176), Painting Nature's Hidden Treasures (ISBN: 1626549184), Zoltan Szabo Paints Landscapes: Advanced Techniques in Watercolor (ISBN: 1626549001).

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