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Learn Spanish - by Living Languages (Paperback)

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Learn Spanish - by  Living Languages (Paperback)
Learn Spanish - by  Living Languages (Paperback)
Learn Spanish - by  Living Languages (Paperback)
Learn Spanish - by  Living Languages (Paperback)
Learn Spanish - by  Living Languages (Paperback)
Learn Spanish - by  Living Languages (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 704
Genre: Foreign Language Study
Sub-Genre: Spanish
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Big Book Ltd
Age Range: Adult
Author: Living Languages
Language: English

Book Synopsis

4 Practical & Informative Guides To Radically Improve Your Spanish Speaking Skills In 1 Great Package!

Speaking Spanish fluently is like having a superpower that can give you a competitive edge at work, and take you all over the world. Currently, there are around 480 MILLION Spanish speakers, stretching from South America to Spain... and even the Pacific Islands!

How do you get started?

SIMPLE - Get this easy, step by step guide to learning Spanish!

In this 4-in-1 guide, Living Languages will take beginners like you on a fun ride while learning the Spanish language, by introducing some of the best and easiest lessons in grammar, vocabulary, and common phrases, so you can become fluent even if you start from scratch!

Each of the 4 books in this bundle books has a specific sequence and approach to every crucial element. Having all of them at your disposal will help you find the one that suits you best.

Here's what you can expect:

- Quickly learn Spanish using this ONE great tip (HINT: It's all about the sequence)

- Effectively and easily incorporate the use of numbers, colors, time, and feelings

- Practical and simple tips to speed up learning

- Interesting Spanish short stories for beginners to boost immersion

- And much more!

What better way to grow and improve your Spanish speaking skills than by getting this book?

Spanish is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. However, some guides can make learning Spanish harder than it has to be... But not this book!

This simple guide takes extra care in delivering lessons in the right sequence, so you can maximize learning real spoken Spanish in no time!

Buy Now and Start Learning Spanish Today!

Review Quotes

I found this book very clear for a beginner of rank in Spanish. Start with simple things and you go to form the sentence. From there on you learn more and more. I like that they have written many examples for each section so that you can imprint the language in your mind. There are exercises and questions, the answers can be controlled, so it is easy to understand how you are going.

Mark King

This book is for beginners. Standard over the common way of life vocabularies or every day old context together with the comparative into European text. It is strong for character whichever is the Native fair complexion then the Fluent in European up to expectation would as by study Spanish. There are many workouts or common phrases because of practice. The e-book is an entirely handy one, well well organized, or appropriated because entire novices who would kind of according to study yet exercise in a fundamental degree about Spanish.

Daniel H Lopez

I love this book so much. It is so entertaining. It's one of the only workbooks my daughter will sit down and do with me every time. I can't recommend this enough. She learned to read very quickly using this book.

Dylan Ross

The book is easy to read, nicely organized, and well suited for beginners who want to learn a basic level of fluency in Spanish.

Leo Allen

Very suggest this book. I enjoyed this read. The author did an excellent job of writing.

Thanks to the author.

Karen Walker

A great book to learn Spanish!

The author goes into this, remembering that we are beginners.

Many books for beginners fail to remember that teaching must start at the core, and work step by step upwards.

The author of this workbook has done a great job in keeping it in mind, and as a beginner, I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn Spanish.

Andrew Sanders

I am an adult learning Spanish on my own. I practice mainly with real-world material using phone apps: Overdrive for downloading Spanish-language ebooks at a young adult reading level from the library; Microsoft Translator for translating the ebooks a paragraph at a time into English; and Linguistica for "News in Slow Spanish" with both audio and transcripts. That leaves one gap to fill: grammar. This book provides clear explanations of Spanish grammar and phrases. I don't feel the need to seek out any other books. This one meets my grammar needs and leaves me more time for written and spoken conversational Spanish.

David Foster

Excellent workbook. Lessons develop sequentially starting with the basics and then increasing in complexity. This book is laid out very well in a great easy to use format.

I highly recommend it for the beginning Spanish student as a stand-alone to learning or a supplement to other Spanish learning resources.

Zoe Long

This book provides a solid foundation for learning Spanish. Plan your lessons step by step. Very complete. I have several Spanish books and I like them all, but this easy Spanish book is what I would recommend starting.

Jack Myers

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