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Me ense~naste a querer - (Colecci'on Con Amor) by Misty Black (Hardcover)

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Me ense~naste a querer - (Colecci'on Con Amor) by  Misty Black (Hardcover)
Me ense~naste a querer - (Colecci'on Con Amor) by  Misty Black (Hardcover)
Me ense~naste a querer - (Colecci'on Con Amor) by  Misty Black (Hardcover)
Me ense~naste a querer - (Colecci'on Con Amor) by  Misty Black (Hardcover)
Me ense~naste a querer - (Colecci'on Con Amor) by  Misty Black (Hardcover)
Me ense~naste a querer - (Colecci'on Con Amor) by  Misty Black (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 34
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
Sub-Genre: Family
Series Title: Colección Con Amor
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Berry Patch Press LLC
Age Range: 4-8 Years
Book theme: Multigenerational
Author: Misty Black
Language: Spanish

About the Book

No hay nada igual como el amor que una madre comparte con sus hijas.

Book Synopsis

¿Cuál es más grande, el amor de una mamá o la imaginación de una niña?

Acompaña a una mamá y su hija con un sapito gracioso en un viaje mientras juegan a quién quiere más a la otra.

A los niños les encanta acurrucarse junto a sus padres y leer esta tierna historia mientras exploran su propio lazo especial. Las ilustraciones hermosas y el texto alegre te conmoverán.

No hay nada igual como el amor que una madre comparte con sus hijas.

Este cuento es para niños de 3 a 7 años y puede ser disfrutado una y otra vez con una madre o una abuelita. Este es el regalo perfecto para el Día de San Valentín, el Día de las Madres, la Navidad, un cumpleaños o para nuevos padres.

Después de leer este libro con sus hijas, las madres normalmente lo compran para sus propias madres ̶ para compartir la gratitud y el amor a través de todas las generaciones.

¿Quieres compartir un mensaje de amor incondicional con tu pequeña de una manera que ella pueda entender? ¡Acurrúcate hoy con ella y léele Me enseñaste a querer!

A mother's love. A child's imagination. Which is greater?

Join mother, daughter, and a silly little frog on a heartwarming journey describing love through the eyes of a child. ❤️️

Kids will enjoy cuddling up with their parents to read this sweet story while exploring their own unique, special bond. The beautiful illustrations and joyful rhymes are sure to tug on your heartstrings.

" 'I love you, Sweet Pea, ' Mama said to her child.

'And I love you too!' The girl winked as she smiled.

'How much?' teased her mom, sensing what was in store.

A new game began about who loved who more..."

There's nothing quite like the love a mother and child share. ❤️️

This bedtime story for kids ages 3-7 can be enjoyed with a parent or grandparent over and over again. The perfect gift for new parents, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or a birthday.

After reading this book with their daughters, mothers often buy it for their own moms-spreading gratitude and love across all generations.

Want to share a message of unconditional love with your little one in a way she can understand? Cuddle up and read You Taught Me Love today!

Colección Con Amor:

Cuando te sientas mejor: Un regalo para que te recuperes pronto,

Me enseñaste a querer,

Amor de abuelita,

Review Quotes

Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite: 5 stars

How much do you love your mother, your father, your grandmother or your best friend? How often do you say, "I love you"? Three simple words that can mean so much to the one who hears them. A little girl and her mother share an "I love you more" moment as they each take turns comparing how much they love the other. The little girl says, "I love you as wide as my arms," but her mother claims, "I love you more than that." The little girl says, "I love you as long as my hair," but her mother claims the same, "I love you more than that." Three valuable words that mean so much and can soothe any soul with contentment and compassion.

Misty Black's picture book story, You Taught Me Love (Me enseñaste a querer in Spanish), will charm the reader with the love and compassion equal to the heart-warming story by Robert Munch, Love You Forever. Told in rhyming verse, the young reader will be instantly enthralled and drawn into the warmth of the love expressed in the story. Both gems are powerful stories that enforce the importance of love and sharing it, repeatedly, by saying those three simple words: "I love you." There are some humorous expressions as the child compares her love to everything within her life, from the length of her hair to her pet frog who jumps very high and very fast. Love is all-encompassing, huge beyond comprehension and powerful. "The power to do and show love lies in you." It's something we can all do, demonstrate and share.

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