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Never Give Up - by Marion Devoe (Hardcover)

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Never Give Up - by  Marion Devoe (Hardcover)
Never Give Up - by  Marion Devoe (Hardcover)
Never Give Up - by  Marion Devoe (Hardcover)
Never Give Up - by  Marion Devoe (Hardcover)
Never Give Up - by  Marion Devoe (Hardcover)
Never Give Up - by  Marion Devoe (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 154
Genre: Self Improvement
Sub-Genre: Motivational & Inspirational
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Infusionmedia
Age Range: Adult
Author: Marion Devoe
Language: English

About the Book

Never Give Up is a compelling life journey from extreme poverty to success. It provides hope and inspiration for everyone wounded by life's circumstances.

Book Synopsis

Never Give Up is a compelling life journey from extreme poverty to success. It provides hope and inspiration for everyone wounded by life's circumstances.

Marion Devoe spent 40 years working his way up from poverty and family turmoil in Savannah, Georgia, overcoming his own self-doubts and fears as well as persistent racism. A talented basketball player, instead of playing basketball in college and potentially going to the NBA, he was drafted to the Vietnam War. The war left its scars on him, but he survived and came back to go to college and work to help his family. After working at the United States Postal Service as a draftsman, Devoe used his experience in his position in Savannah to move up to postal operations manager at the USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. During his tenure there, he earned his MBA, and shortly after that, he was offered a position at the White House as chief operations officer. The Monday after retiring from the federal government, Devoe started at Xerox, helping to win mail operations contracts. After Xerox, Devoe became the director of operations for the medical campus of Northern Virginia Community College, from which he retired in 2019. Along the way, he ran a janitorial business, taught high school, got married, and had kids with their own successful careers.

Happiness and success don't happen overnight. Your results are driven by your commitment to the power of a natural endowment-your Gift inherited at birth-and to never giving up. Don't give up until you are living your life's dreams.

Review Quotes

Marion Devoe rose from poverty to working in the White House. His resilience and persistence are an inspiration to anyone willing to listen and learn. This is a powerful story.


Adviser to two American presidents, New York Times bestselling author of All the Presidents' Children: Triumph and Tragedy in the Lives of America's First Families

Marion Devoe has written an inspiring book with many great lessons that distill essential wisdom and determination on how one can arise from humble beginnings to extraordinary success. A delightful guide full of relevant information for those of us faced with adversities and life struggles. An actual demonstration of how combined faith, determination, and belief in God and self will overcome any life challenges.

-DR. MARSHA ATKINS, CNM, MSN/MPH, ND/DNP Professor, University of Maryland Global Campus

Marion and I met as classmates and fraternity brothers at Savannah State University. He is one of the finest examples of someone whose determination, perseverance, and unwavering faith has taken him on a remarkable life journey, overcoming many obstacles along the way. Reading his story, you will be inspired, encouraged, and ready to blaze your own path.


Marion's story of humble beginnings and derailments serves as an excellent example of how determination and positive work ethics are transformed into cornerstones of success with faith and family as the keystones for life in this compelling story. An excellent read for all ages.

-SOLOMON MYERS III, CE Myers Business Solution Inc.

Never Give Up is a book that describes a journey of a life that engages the reader and outlines a blueprint for dealing with uncertainty, struggle, and achievement. Devoe's story powerfully demonstrates that life is a journey, not a destination. The author, like many African Americans of his generation, was persistent through inequalities of systemic racism with his eyes always focused on a better day for himself and his family. His journey carried him from the outhouse to the White House.

An inspirational story that will help others with their journeys.


Executive Vice President (Ret.), Savannah Technical College

As former provost of the Medical Education Campus of Northern Virginia Community College, I recommend this book to all searching for life's success.


This book is a brilliant testament of what faith, determination, perseverance, and a goal in life can do for you. It is a must-read. This book is so timely to the current state of race relations in this country. I think it should be included in every school's curriculum.


Educator, Los Angeles, California

This book tells a story that should be told more often. It is an inspiration story for everyone to read. If more people would listen to each other's stories, maybe there would be more understanding and acceptance of each other. This is an amazing life story.


Student Service Coordinator

This is a compelling story that challenges the reader to keep striving to be the best that they can be. The author highlights that all things are possible when you truly believe in the impossible.


Chief Operations Officer, John P. Copeland Enterprises, Inc.

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