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Reiki for Beginners - by Jessica Alcantara (Paperback)

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Reiki for Beginners - by  Jessica Alcantara (Paperback)
Reiki for Beginners - by  Jessica Alcantara (Paperback)
Reiki for Beginners - by  Jessica Alcantara (Paperback)
Reiki for Beginners - by  Jessica Alcantara (Paperback)
Reiki for Beginners - by  Jessica Alcantara (Paperback)
Reiki for Beginners - by  Jessica Alcantara (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 190
Genre: Body + Mind + Spirit
Sub-Genre: Mindfulness & Meditation
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Sir Nick International Ltd
Age Range: Adult
Author: Jessica Alcantara
Language: English

Book Synopsis

Do you feel tired all the time? Have you ever tried to know and improve your energy? Have you tried endless solutions but nothing seems to work for more than a few weeks? Do you want to say goodbye to the feeling of tiredness, stress, and trauma and discover something that works for you?

If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place!

Many people have heard of this healing system, but very few have delved deep enough into the art to learn it. The art of Reiki is one of the oldest healing systems associated with the transfer of energy through laying of hands. It is a pragmatic, easily applicable, and an altogether powerful system - one that brings successful results to its practitioners.

Reiki is a system that is simple, effective, and safe. It can be applied to anyone and everyone, be it children, pregnant women, elderly people, or even animals and plants.

Better yet, you can learn how to utilize this method to help both yourself and the ones that you love.

By listening to this audiobook, you will learn the ancient wisdom of Reiki master and founder Mikao Usui, and you will understand how you can use this knowledge and revolutionize your health and well-being, elevating the quality of your life to new levels.

In this beginner's guide, you will learn:

  • The knowledge and classical techniques of the ancient Tibetan system of the Fam Rei
  • The practices of oriental medicine
  • Ways to harness the energy of the universe and direct it towards the goal of healing yourself, friends, and family
  • Steps to defend yourself from the rigors of the stressful lifestyle that the modern world demands
  • The famous technique of curative biography, which will bring you health in the present
  • Methods to overcome the emotional scars of your past, giving you health, strength, and new alignment with yourself
  • The four things you should know about energy healing before you get started
  • Ways to create unlimited energy in your own body without changing your diet or lifestyle
  • The biggest mistakes people make in naturally healing
  • The three best tools to help you on your healing journey and much, much more!

With the aid of this book, you will gain the spiritual, mental, and physical clarity to help you thrive in life, allowing you to fulfill your potential by helping you pursue and achieve your heart's desires.

Don't wait any longer. Start learning the basics, techniques, and Reiki power that, through the universe, will improve your life, today!

Would you like to know more? Click on the "buy now" button to get Reiki for Beginners and discover the power of your hands and live a healthy lifestyle.

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