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Simplify - by Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood (Hardcover)

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Simplify - by  Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood (Hardcover)
Simplify - by  Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood (Hardcover)
Simplify - by  Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood (Hardcover)
Simplify - by  Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood (Hardcover)
Simplify - by  Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood (Hardcover)
Simplify - by  Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 224
Genre: Business + Money Management
Sub-Genre: Small Business
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
Age Range: Adult
Author: Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood
Language: English

About the Book

"Serial entrepreneur and famed 80/20 Principle author Richard Koch and venture capitalist Greg Lockwood reveal the powerful principle of simplifying as a strategy for companies to create new markets and increase profits using case studies of famous companies to analyze their business's potential"--

Book Synopsis

Are you ready to become the next market leader?

Investor and successful entrepreneur Richard Koch and venture capitalist Greg Lockwood have spent years researching what makes successful companies--such as IKEA, Apple, Uber, and Airbnb--achieve game-changing who status. The answer is simple: They Simplify.

Take Your Business from Startup to Game Changer. Start simplifying today.

From the Back Cover

Nearly all of the great success stories of the twentieth century--right up to the present day--are stories of simplifying.

Over the last 40 years Richard Koch has worked to uncover the simple principles and strategies behind every successful business. With the help of venture capitalist Greg Lockwood and supported by research from OC&C Strategy Consultants, Koch has uncovered the one uniting principle behind successful companies such as IKEA, the Boston Consulting Group, Honda, and Uber: Simplify.

Taking the principle one step further, Koch has identified that companies will either be price simplifiers--consider flying a budget airline stripped of all the extras that still takes you from point A to point B--or proposition simplifiers--such as Apple with their easy-to-use products for a large market willing to pay a premium.

In this book, Koch and Lockwood dissect case studies to share the secrets behind the great simplifiers of business. You'll learn how to:
- Decide which simplifying strategy is the best option for your business
- Model your business as a price or proposition simplifier
- Make your products and services more useful and better looking
- Spike demands and create markets that didn't exist before
- Redesign your business process and transform your industry in nine steps
- Implement the three fundamental principles to sparking a price revolution

Are you ready to become the next market leader? Start simplifying today.

Review Quotes

I've read countless business books and have attended dozens of business conferences and mastermind groups. But nothing has been as powerful for shaping the vision for my business as Simplify. All ambiguity has disappeared since I learned the Simplify model! True to its name, it's a very simple model for identifying a clear path for growth, providing a frame in which all other business knowledge and decisions can snap into place.
--Susan Kruger, M.Ed., CEO of SOAR Learning, Inc. and author of SOAR Learning & Soft Skills for College & Career Success

There are few books and even fewer concepts that can truly revolutionize a business, a product, and an industry. The concept of positioning a company or its products in such a way that will forever change the landscape of business is here. Richard Koch's Simplify is that book. It is strategy on steroids, with a twist. Simplify guides you through the process of what so many have attempted to do and yet only so few have ever achieved. Now with this book as your guide, you too can achieve extraordinary results and positioning in the market place you serve. Don't read this book, study it and then master it!
--George Contos, CEO of World Wide Metric and author of Growing Up Metric

Several key executives from our company attended the Star Principle Seminar in Chicago and it truly changed our business. Above all else, we left with a renewed focus that clearly showed us the path to creating a Star Business. By applying the 80/20 Principle to both our marketing efforts and product lines, we simplified the business and we are now seeing huge growth from considerably less work. Richard Koch and Perry Marshall really 'get the math' in a way few others do!
--David Jellins, CEO of Adrenaline, Inc.

Whether fast food, furniture, or Ford, only Richard Koch could take the timeless ideas from history's greatest companies and "simplify" them so well that any entrepreneur young or old could grasp them easily. As soon as we put the book down, we instantly began coaching our team on the Simplify ideas, and they took off within days. Even a co-ed kickball league can learn from the greats like Google, Ikea and McDonald's through Richard's words. One can only wonder how many great new companies like Slack, Stripe, and Square are proving themselves ahead of their time by tapping into these grand ideas on proposition simplification.
--Shawn D. Madden, Founder and ambassador of Fun Underdog Sports Leagues

If you are in any doubt about the value of simplifying your business, read this book. We all know it takes time and effort to do it, but in Simplify you will find more than enough examples of what companies have done and the benefits to them (with all the facts and figures to back it up) to be convincing. Every time I dip into it, I realize there is more that I can and must do, I was working on simplifying our offering based on the information you will find here just yesterday and I'm doing more on it today. One excellent feature of the book that I love is that there are handy summaries of all the key points so you can find the information you want really quickly whenever you need it. This book is provides you with the tools and the inspiration to simplify your business and so become more successful quickly.
--Nancy Slessenge, Founder and CEO Vinehouse

This book opened my eyes to the powerful idea of simplicity. My small business has doubled over the last year by applying the principles it teaches. Richard's genius is observing the principle, distilling it down to its simplest components, and communicating it simply.
--Damon Janis, Do-founder Dentma

When the modern-day Godfather of 80/20 speaks, we should all pause to listen. In Simplify, Richard Koch reveals the formula followed by history's most successful businesses - from Ford and Wal-Mart, to Amazon and Uber - to transform industries and sell billions. What industry will you revolutionize?
--Tim Francis, Founder of and NYU Guest Lecturer

About the Author

Richard Koch is an entrepreneur who has made over $300 million from starting businesses and investing in early stage venture capital. His businesses have included Filofax, Plymouth Gin, Belgo Restaurants, Betfair, FanDuel, and Auto1. Formerly he was a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and a partner of Bain & Company before co-founding LEK Consulting. He is author of many books on business and ideas, including The 80/20 Principle, which has sold over a million copies and been translated into 35 languages. Richard wrote the foreword to the Entrepreneur Press bestseller, 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall.

Greg Lockwood is a founder of Piton Capital, a London-Based venture capital firm that invests in businesses with network effects. He has a Masters of Management degree from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and is the co-author of Superconnect with Richard Koch.

Perry Marshall is the #1 author in the world for independent advice on Google's advertising system. His book The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising is similarly respected in its realm, and 80/20 Sales and Marketing is the definitive text of its kind.

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