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The Infinite Leader - (Kogan Page Inspire) by Chris Lewis & Pippa Malmgren (Hardcover)

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The Infinite Leader - (Kogan Page Inspire) by  Chris Lewis & Pippa Malmgren (Hardcover)
The Infinite Leader - (Kogan Page Inspire) by  Chris Lewis & Pippa Malmgren (Hardcover)
The Infinite Leader - (Kogan Page Inspire) by  Chris Lewis & Pippa Malmgren (Hardcover)
The Infinite Leader - (Kogan Page Inspire) by  Chris Lewis & Pippa Malmgren (Hardcover)
The Infinite Leader - (Kogan Page Inspire) by  Chris Lewis & Pippa Malmgren (Hardcover)
The Infinite Leader - (Kogan Page Inspire) by  Chris Lewis & Pippa Malmgren (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 248
Genre: Business + Money Management
Sub-Genre: Management
Series Title: Kogan Page Inspire
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Kogan Page
Age Range: Adult
Author: Chris Lewis & Pippa Malmgren
Language: English

About the Book

Master leadership adaptability and balance the demands and opportunities facing businesses today.

Book Synopsis

Bestselling and award-winning author duo Chris Lewis and Pippa Malmgren are calling it out. In The Infinite Leader, they argue that the spectacular leadership failures that we have witnessed in recent history, stretching across business, community life and politics, can be explained by a lack of balance.

Having spent centuries perfecting processes and systems to maximize productivity and being indicted to the shrine of numbers, KPI's and financial forecasting, we have to admit, there are very few examples of sustainable and inspirational leadership figures out there. By over-relying on the hard stuff, we have disregarded whole dimensions of values that are desperately needed when trying to engage communities of people towards a common goal.

The Infinite Leader is a roadmap to introducing balance back into organizations. You can adapt your stance to the infinite possibilities facing you as a leader, and balance the main quadrants of the rational, emotional, spiritual and physical leader, to deliver sustainable leadership with integrity. Business is still about people - people operate across paradoxes and opposing forces, in a world that confounds these influences. Leaders need to continuously juggle and neutralize these to succeed. Be what your people need you to be and learn what they don't teach you in business schools; remain analytical and numbers-focused when needed, but also bring your heart, person and integrity to leadership.

Review Quotes

Chris Lewis and Pippa Malmgren always provide unique and relevant perspectives on the key leadership issues and trends of the day. This book is no exception. I highly recommend it.-- "Robert J Herbold, Former Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft Corporation"

Business is there for the long term, not the short term. It doesn't need leadership; it needs great leadership. It also needs a balance of success and sustainability and that is what this book is all about.-- "Sinclair Beecham, Founder, Pret A Manger"

By taking us on a journey, challenging our perceptions, inspiring thought and stimulating new ideas, Chris Lewis and Pippa Malmgren practise what they preach in The Infinite Leader. -- "The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP"

Capital is the most powerful force for even on the planet. This book talks about the balance needed for capitalism to survive.-- "Bill Thornhill, Editor, GlobalCapital"

If you were to ask people what they think of our current political and business leaders, they would probably reply 'What leadership?' We are seeing two-dimensional leaders, not leaders with an infinite range of attitudes, behaviours and philosophies. This book addresses that deficit, and in an entertaining, innovative and 'off the wall' way. It is not just another leadership book; it is the infinitive leader's manual - don't miss it!-- "Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester"

Leadership is dynamic and complex. What worked in the past will not work now. This is true across every sector of society, and a failure of leadership ultimately destroys hope and a belief in the future. This wonderful new book provides a beacon to guide our path, defining the attitudes and principles needed by our leaders to build a better society. My warmest congratulations to Chris Lewis and Pippa Malmgren.-- "Professor Russell Foster CBE, FRS, Director of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute, University of Oxford"

Now more than ever the world needs leaders who can lead businesses without limits. We don't need leaders who just follow the crowd locked in groupthink. The Infinite Leader shows that type of real leadership needed on the rocky road ahead.-- "Edmund V King OBE, President, AA"

Prescient and pragmatic in equal nature, The Infinite Leader could just become the bible for post-COVID leadership.-- "Alison Cork, Entrepreneur"

This book is about everything that we knew and could not articulate ourselves. And what we did not know and was not explained to us.-- "Milenko Prvacki, Senior Fellow, Lasalle College of Arts"

This is a very timely book. As companies, organizations and work itself are reinventing themselves, The Infinite Leader provides original and thought-provoking insight into how leaders can harness the collective intelligence of their teams to successfully navigate uncertainty as well as new and ever-changing circumstances. Chris Lewis and Pippa Malmgren are brilliant in their guidance to manage the imbalances, foster deeper inclusion and ensure greater integrity.-- "Helen Anderson, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)"

About the Author

Chris Lewis is the founder and CEO of LEWIS, one of the largest independent marketing and communications agencies in the world. He is a media trainer who has coached senior politicians, businesspeople and celebrities. He is a published author and journalist featured in The Financial Times, Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.

Dr Pippa Malmgren is a trend spotter who advises investors and governments about economic policy. She anticipated the Financial Crisis in 2007, the Chinese slowdown, Brexit and Trump's presidency. She has featured on the BBC, Bloomberg, The Financial Times and The Economist.

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