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The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook - by Kristina Campbell (Paperback)

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The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook - by  Kristina Campbell (Paperback)
The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook - by  Kristina Campbell (Paperback)
The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook - by  Kristina Campbell (Paperback)
The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook - by  Kristina Campbell (Paperback)
The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook - by  Kristina Campbell (Paperback)
The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook - by  Kristina Campbell (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 282
Genre: Health + Wellness
Sub-Genre: Diet & Nutrition
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: Diets
Author: Kristina Campbell
Language: English

Book Synopsis

"Kristina Campbell has created an easy-to-follow roadmap that translates the exciting science on the microbiota into an actionable path to improve the state of your gut."
―Justin Sonnenburg, PhD & Erica Sonnenberg, PhD, bestselling authors of The Good Gut: Taking Control of Your Weight, Your Mood, and Your Long-term Health

GI discomfort, weight gain, and other debilitating symptoms are often signs of an imbalanced microbiome. Leading-edge studies show that following a microbiome diet can help counteract such negative effects. With The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook you'll begin healing your weakened digestive system by following this simple, creative approach to the microbiome diet.

  • 150+ easy, affordable recipes offer simple suggestions for family-friendly microbiome diet options, such as Banana Oat Pancakes, Oven-baked Crispy Chicken Wings, and Chocolate Chia Pudding
  • A scientifically-supported 2-phase microbiome diet meal plan to repair your damaged GI system, then restore healthy gut microbes
  • Easy-to-follow DIY fermentation techniques show how to create probiotic-rich ferments that complement the microbiome diet
  • Develop healthy microbiome diet habits with the help of Kristina Campbell, microbiome diet expert and science writer for Gut Microbiota for Health. Armed with her evidence-based guidance, you'll be on your way to long-term wellness of body and brain before you know it.

    "I received this book as a Christmas gift and it has become a staple in my kitchen. I suffer from a host of gastrointestinal tract issues and struggle to find foods that don't irritate my sensitive stomach. The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook has opened up a new world of options."--Amazon Customer

    Review Quotes

    After more than 20 years with undiagnosed autoimmune my health was not in good shape. My first step was changing my diet, but it wasn't until I started to attend to my microbiome that I noticed symptoms I'd dealt with for years completely disappear. The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook helps readers make the link between gut flora and health. Kristina's practical advice, handy meal plans, and tasty recipes can help you balance your microbiome. If you have unexplained symptoms or lingering issues even in the wake of treatment for various health conditions, I highly recommend allowing Kristina Campbell to be your guide to building a healthier gut. --Karen Frazier, Author of The Hashimoto's Cookbook & Action Plan

    Kristina Campbell provides readers a simple, cost-effective, and delicious way to improve their health. And she does a fantastic job of keeping unwarranted "hype" out of this landmark book. The science is described in an easy to understand manner. I couldn't put this book down as I read through the recipes and imagined them coming to fruition on my own dinner plate! This book should be in the personal library of anyone who wants to feed their microbiome for better health. --Embriette R. Hyde, PhD, Project Manager for the American Gut Project and Assistant Project Scientist at the Rob Knight Lab at UC San Diego

    The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook is based on sound science. It is a terrific and practical guide on how to feed your gut microbiome in order to take your health to the next level. This is not a diet manual but rather a do-it-yourself primary care preventive plan. It is complete with simple and delicious recipes for a healthy gut that will change your body, mind, and health. --Dr. Jennifer Koslo, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and author of The 21-Day Healthy Smoothie Plan

    About the Author

    Science writer Kristina Campbell specializes in communication about the gut microbiota. As a member of the Gut Microbiota for Health publishing team, she has interviewed dozens of experts on nutrition and the microbiome. A member of the Canadian Science Writers Association, Kristina is co-author of an upcoming academic textbook on nutrition and gut microbiota.

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