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ZenToes U-Shaped Callus Cushion - Beige - 12pk

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ZenToes U-Shaped Callus Cushion - Beige - 12pk
ZenToes U-Shaped Callus Cushion - Beige - 12pk
ZenToes U-Shaped Callus Cushion - Beige - 12pk
ZenToes U-Shaped Callus Cushion - Beige - 12pk
ZenToes U-Shaped Callus Cushion - Beige - 12pk
ZenToes U-Shaped Callus Cushion - Beige - 12pk
Package Quantity: 12
Material: Fabric
•PROTECT AND CUSHION calluses on the bottom of your feet and heels with ZenToes horse shoe shaped felt callus pads. These generous foot cushions are approximately 1/8” thick. Across the top measures approximately 1.9”, the bottom 1.7” and 2” tall. The width of the interior of the U is approximately 0.6”.
•REDUCE FRICTION and prevent calluses. The medical grade felt used in our callus pads helps prevent sensitive areas on your foot from rubbing against socks and shoes, preventing calluses from forming and protecting current calluses.
•CREATE A BARRIER around bony areas on your foot to absorb pressure, reducing and relieving pain in your feet. Whether you stand on your feet all day, are a long distance runner, figure skater, or hiker, ZenToes Callus Cushions will hold up to your active lifestyle.
•SELF-STICK ADHESIVE sticks to your feet all day, yet removes easily when it’s time to change to a new callus pad. Pads can be trimmed to fit comfortably on any foot, men are women, and are comfortably worn with all types of shoes including sneakers, high heels, boots and sandals.
•START LIVING an active, pain free lifestyle today with ZenToes U-Shaped Felt Callus Pads.
Ever find yourself wishing you could just forget all about those irritating, painful calluses? Obnoxious protrusions and callus pads causing friction on the bottom of your feet can make day-to-day life a painful nightmare, taking up entirely too much mental real estate and keeping you from staying focused on what’s important.

ZenToes to the rescue! Our invitingly soft horseshoe-shaped felt callus pads were designed specifically to relieve the pressure and friction that can come along with those irritating calluses, fitting almost imperceptibly into just about any shoe or sock to create a protective layer of cushy felt that’ll soothe the irritated skin on your heels and feet in no time flat.

The self-stick adhesive lining is strong and sturdy enough to stay in place through just about any activity, while still being easy to remove, peeling off painlessly and effortlessly, for quick and easy replacement.

Easily trimmed and adjusted, these pads can fit nearly anywhere, absorbing the pressure and friction caused by calluses with soft and protective, medical-grade felt cushioning. Slip them into your favorite sneakers, hide them in your high heels, or even slide them on with a pair of sandals. Regardless of your chosen footwear or activity, these comfy callus pads will allow you to live an active, pain-free life.

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