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Broken - by Willi Ray (Paperback)

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Broken - by  Willi Ray (Paperback)
Broken - by  Willi Ray (Paperback)
Broken - by  Willi Ray (Paperback)
Broken - by  Willi Ray (Paperback)
Broken - by  Willi Ray (Paperback)
Broken - by  Willi Ray (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 176
Genre: Self Improvement
Sub-Genre: General
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Faith Books and More
Age Range: Adult
Author: Willi Ray
Language: English

About the Book

Broken But Not in Despair was written by a woman for women to say, "Yes, I am shattered today, but I will survive tomorrow."

Book Synopsis

Broken But Not in Despair was written by a woman for women to say, "Yes, I am shattered today, but I will survive tomorrow." Sometimes we as women take our failure and heartbreaks to the grave. We hide and pretend to be whole, successful, and beautiful in every area of our lives because we are taught no one wants to see beauty undone. Most women have been taught to hide their shame and smile through the pain so that others see us as strong positive role models. I was one of those women, hurting and broken into a million pieces, breaking away from tradition and shame, I decided to take the mask off and let people see my pain and share my hurts with my sisters. I was tired of crying alone behind closed doors and telling the world I am doing just fine. It was through my tears that I saw a need to share my brokenness so that others can heal. I learned that with the support of the sisterhood, I did not have to be alone or shoulder the burden of my pain in the darkness of silence. When I thought I could not walk, they carried me, when I wanted to hide away from the world, they pulled me back into the light. When I thought I had nothing left to live for, they gave me joy and helped me count my blessings. Through the support of the sisterhood, I saw brokenness as a chance to reshape my life and reinvent myself. I wrote this book to remind women that being broken can positively affect many opportunities. Broken But Not in Despair is a story about four broken women who bared their souls and shared their pain, allowing the love and nurturing support of the sisterhood to heal and mend the break. These are real women like you and me, who discovered that being broken does not mean despair. It means a new life and a new beginning.

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