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I Am Watching - by Emma Kavanagh (Paperback)

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I Am Watching - by  Emma Kavanagh (Paperback)
I Am Watching - by  Emma Kavanagh (Paperback)
I Am Watching - by  Emma Kavanagh (Paperback)
I Am Watching - by  Emma Kavanagh (Paperback)
I Am Watching - by  Emma Kavanagh (Paperback)
I Am Watching - by  Emma Kavanagh (Paperback)
Dimensions (Overall): 6.7 Inches (H) x 4.1 Inch (W) x 1.2 Inch (D)
Weight: .4 Pounds
Number of Pages: 400
Genre: Fiction + Literature Genres
Sub-Genre: Thrillers
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Author: Emma Kavanagh
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: Crime
Language: English

Book Synopsis

"Kavanagh keeps the suspense high to the chilling conclusion."
--Publishers Weekly

From a distance, they seem to be sleeping. Three bodies, sitting propped up against the ancient stones of Hadrian's Wall. Until a closer look reveals the horror of their too-white faces.

The victims were found by schoolgirl Isla Bell, out on an early morning run along the historic site. That day changed the small town of Briganton forever, and shaped Isla's life. Twenty years later, she's a professor of criminal psychology, wrestling with the question that still haunts her: why? Why did Heath McGowan kill those people--and two more besides--before he was finally caught by Isla's police detective father?

At last, Isla has a chance to get answers when Heath agrees to take part in her research. Isla's husband, Ramsey--the only one of Heath's victims to survive--cautions her against the meeting. But no matter how ready Isla feels to peer within a killer's mind, there is no way to prepare for the fresh horror about to engulf Briganton. Another body is found, displayed just as before . . . and then another. Is this a copycat, or could the truth be darker still?

"The red herring-filled conclusion should surprise even the most careful reader."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Smart, fierce, and absorbing, this is a novel that begs to be read deep into the night."

--Foreword Reviews

Review Quotes

Praise for The Missing Hours

"We predict big things for Emma Kavanagh . . . addictive."
--Good Housekeeping

"A born storyteller with room to grow."
--Publishers Weekly

"Sensationally ensnares its readers, this time into a tale of ransom, woe and disrepute."

About The Author

Emma Kavanagh is the acclaimed UK bestselling author of The Missing Hours. Born and raised in South Wales, she is a former police and military psychologist. After completing her PhD, Emma began her own consultancy business, providing training to police and military across the UK and Europe. She taught police officers and NATO personnel about the psychology of critical incidents, terrorism, body recovery and hostage negotiation. She has run around muddy fields taking part in tactical exercises, has designed live fire training events, has been a VIP under bodyguard protection and has fired more than her fair share of weapons. She is married with two small sons and considers herself incredibly privileged to get to make up stories for a living.

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